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  Topic: Ye Olde Song Thread, perhaps
  2006-09-23 11:59:13
Hey kids,

I was just thinking that maybe it could be a good idea to start a thread in which people can post about songs. You know, like if there's a song you wanna know the words to, and you only know a bit you could ask and someone who knows can reply. I mean, obviously on the internet it's entirely possible to google them, but incase you can't find it, or wanna know what version gets sung most often amongst us or something. Or if you wanna know the usual structure of a song or something, or ask someone what that song they sung in the roda on friday was or whatever... Maybe we coupld put up the words for songs we learn on fridays, us Auckland kids that is. And of course the other centers can do the same thing. Ooh, and which beat the song starts on (that's always what I wanna know, I hate not knowing where to come in, lol). Hmm, that could be a little tricky via text though.

Perhaps we could inmplement a system, ASCII capoeira tabs if you will. E.g. if we show the beats like so: xx o o o,(ch ch ding dong dong or [ch ch] bum pah bum for percussion) then we could capitalise the one where it starts.

Okay, maybe I'm thinking this through too much, but maybe it'll work. An example: the Eu sou capoeira, e maculele song starts with the 'Eu' on xx o o O right? And the Quando eu morrer... on Xx o o o.

I have a couple I'd like to know, one is Vim da bahia pra lhe ver, is that xx O o o or xx o o O? And the song that goes 'Que barulho e esse e um tal de zum zum zum' (or something like that)?

Righto, well I apologise if I'm doing that thing where I make things more complicated than they need to be, but who knows? Maybe it'll catch on and there'll be ASCII capoeira tabs all over the net.

xx o o o xx o o o xx o o o xx o o o xx o o
Eu sou capoeira, e maculele, eu respondo/

o xx o o o xx o o o xx o o o xx o o o
eu sou capoeira, e maculele... Quando chego..

and so on. Hee hee. Righto, I'm done.

  2006-09-23 12:01:30
Dammit, lousy html, I had the words and notes nicely spaced out so they were in the right places, but it got rid of all my additional spaces, so just ignore the way that's written, lol. Technology, bah.
  2006-09-24 19:07:22
"Ooh, and which beat the song starts on (that's always what I wanna know, I hate not knowing where to come in, lol). Hmm, that could be..."

Hahaha looks like brabo could pick up a few pointers on that aspect eh? lol
  2006-09-25 10:25:51
Ooooh, that's a low blow Feiticeiro. Cuidado menino...

Rastinha, I think it's a good idea to have a thread for lyrics but timing and rhythms are really much easier to learn/teach in person. Take advantage of your location and get Brabo to give you a run through! (Despite Feiticeiro's disparaging aspersion, O Grande Presidente knows his stuff, he just gets a little nervous when he has to sing in front of the Great Mandingueiro.)

  2006-09-25 13:20:36
Heh, yeah you raise a valid point ZigueZague, one I kinda thought of after I posted, lol. I have a tendency to get carried away with such things, especially when tired or bored, but oh well. In any case, perhaps we move along and continue this is 'Ye Olde Lyrics Thread' or some such...Shibby.
  2006-09-26 16:23:08
Hey Rastinha,

Have you tried capoeira4all.com?

It has on-screen lyrics, and songs that you can download in MP3 format.

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