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  Topic: (The last) Wellington AxĂ© weekend (of the year)
  2007-02-12 04:22:54
Hello, my name is Alex, i'm a newbie here. I really do like your resource and really interested in things you discuss here, also would like to enter your community, hope it is possible:-) Cya around, best regards, Alex!
  2007-02-12 16:30:17
Them net f@rys are gettin clevererer
  2007-02-12 21:44:56
(shik, chik) I still have my shotgun.... but those fairys are gettin REAL clever....( puts down shotgun) come on little ones... i just want to give you my "Blessing" hehehe
  2008-06-05 14:45:20
what does the name loba mean?
  2008-06-05 23:05:10
Alex, where do you live...
  2008-06-05 23:06:10
I think loba means wolf
  2008-06-06 08:54:29
Wolf, thats a bad ass name
  2008-06-06 12:05:09
She-Wolf, fools.
  2008-06-06 14:15:26
lmfoa! still cool though...does someone have loba as their apelido?
  Napoleon Solo
  2008-07-07 07:15:52
Yes, Loba does.
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