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  Topic: Capoeira Wanganui
  2007-01-13 19:45:07
I was wondering if there are any classes in the wanganui area????, ive seen a couple of guys i think doing what i think is capoeira, but im a bit of a chicken, and i havent seen them around... can anyone help????
  2007-01-29 16:37:10
yeah i heard there is a couple of guys doing capoeira here to bro, funny i never actually see them myself!

dont be chicken cuzzie, be a lion like Tucano, he bit my calf in Parihaka...
  2007-01-31 00:32:36
ok, i wont be a chicken.... but where can i find someone to help...?... are there classes???? play time..?... where are the capoeira players out there....how can i contact you..?...(although i know this is a good place to start)
  2007-01-31 17:44:41
yup there are classes in wanganui talk to cole
slapcole at gmail dot com
chur! just in time to, for the kids capoeira camp in march and easter capoeira encounter
  2007-02-06 23:36:01
i should mention i play capoeira with a bunch of kids @ various parks around wangaz,check fliers @ ornge cafe notice board . you might find there is an event coming to town you can participate in,bring your friends!
  2007-03-10 23:51:13
Just thought i would spam this thred with my contact details just in case anyone comes to wanganui and needs a place to crash or someone to play some capoeira with.

shadowsinheaven at yahoo dot com
021 2096575

please keep your stalking to a minimum, as i have some already.

Keep the ax� flowing
Jason Paniani
  2007-03-21 11:00:00
ok ok i am copping a bit of flak for not having an adults class or as one of the parents put it when asking Brabo,
'yea,cole just needs to get his s#*t together'.
we will try to have one started by next summer dude!

meanwhile, your welcome to participate with the kids classes.
contact me at; [email protected]
  2007-05-31 11:29:47
for those in the wangaz area, our regular kids classes have started again and has been relocated to TE RAU OREWA MARAE, located on Guyton st,next to the church on Wednesday 5pm-630pm.
  2007-06-09 20:37:03
ok... abit of an update on the status on the adult classes in wanganui.
Im aiming to organise classes for the middle of july( mainly due to the fact that im "Looking" for a certain "cat" in wangas to help ) and will most likely be held AFTER the kids classes as well as an extra class on sunday to play around with what we learn in class. I know of quite a few people that are interested in starting classes, so im also aiming to have the whole wanganui crew come down to wellies for our "Batizado"... i can almost feel the bruses already. so if anyone is interested in joining a wickedly random crew, and you live in wanganui, give me an email on the email mentioned below, or ring my number and leave contact details.

[email protected]
please keep your stalking/spamming to a minimum, as i have some already.

  2007-09-14 14:55:17
Chur Sticks,

Hows the adult sessions in Wanganui going? I live in Wanganui and would be keen as to give it a go
  2007-09-15 13:57:40
adult classes begin here Wednesday19th September as an 8 week block course taught by Senhor Lagato.

  2007-09-16 21:19:38
Ive been behind the scenes trying to get it up and going. the plan is:

Ingesture st Baptist Church, cnr of cambell and ingesture st.
6:30 - 8:30

and hopefully when the block course is over, we can head up to the Mount for the Batizadio.... yay

  2007-09-17 17:49:29
i think the person to thank for pushing these adult classes goes to Ryan,who runs a funky lil cafe here in Wanganui and an obvious keen capoeira enthusiast.

Bigups Ryan,you got your wish.
  2007-09-18 08:57:06
I whole heartedly agree

Thank you Ryan!!!!

  2007-09-18 09:04:53
Chur guys,

What cafe?
  2007-09-18 19:15:34
aaahhh! the old tell me now and catch you up lataz trick aye?
tell you tomorrow c u there!
  2007-10-02 11:14:44
Hey Sticks, is this the Batizadio you were talking about?
  2007-10-02 14:16:31
Nah, I think he's talking about our Batisado, which is also in Mt. Maunganui, the weekend before (first weekend of December). It'll be a good one... Camping on the beach front, chilling out and training all day, then wicked energy batisado, and a nice outdoor roda... That sort of thing. One of the best events of the year. If your Wangas crew can make it up that would be way cool :)
  2007-10-02 17:49:51
That's the one. Im shattered i didn't make it to the Ax� weekend in auckland, and we have a cool crew happening here in Wangas, so it'll be cool banana's.
  2007-10-03 12:22:35
hope everything is going swell back in Wangas,ill be back after the holidays,sweet up here in Whits!
  2007-10-05 10:21:52
Chur chur Putumuju, Wanga's crew is cool bro. Had our third class on Wed, and they get meaner every week. I think i know what Axe' is now, we had a mean az roda to finish class and it was cool man.

Thanks to all the dudes in here (the forums and at class) who helped me out and answered questions. Chur guys
  2007-11-17 18:51:10
hows things goin back in wangaz?
is anyone actively playing hmmm?
its up to you guys to make ity happen now!
get active!
  2007-11-20 07:42:19
Kia Ora Putumuju,
yeah man Capoeira is all good in Wanganui. Ryan has been coordinating our roda and letting us know when and where. Big mihi to you Ryan! We have been playing on Weds, same time and day as Mike's workshops. When will we see you in our roda again bro?

*in other news*

Sticks were have you been bro? I heard you busted your thumb getting your bodybuilding on. All good?
  2007-11-20 21:04:34
any of you guys going to the Mt Maunganui ax'e weekend?
  2007-11-24 10:50:09
thats good matt,sounds like you guys r keen as,thats nice.
think seriously about going to the mount and mixing in with others from around the motu bro.watch out for that fets fullah hes sneaky as! zigs well stab u with his afro comb and M.brabo well just stab u with his intense stare!
but watch out for the girls mostly!
  2007-11-24 14:24:10
Im going to try to make it, and maybe get a few of the wangas to come up and feel the Ax�, but im not really allowed to play cos i busted up my thumb, doctors orders.... but knowing me, ill still give it a good try.

Things are looking good for capoeira in wanganui, we have 7-8 peeps that have the "Capoeira bug" .... which is a good thing for me cos then i dont "Have" to travel 200+ Km just to have a Jogo de capoeira.... not that that will stop me from traveling 200+ Km just to have a really good jogo.
  2007-11-27 10:39:22
yeah bro it would be mean to put a face to the names in here, but Ive got a mean case of Pohara-itis. Me an my cuzzy Richy are trying to fundraise some money for the Easter Encounter next year, so Im hard out looking forward to that.
  2007-12-18 12:34:53
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