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  Topic: Help - Brazilian AFS student needs a home!
  2006-02-01 20:40:41
My name is Leigh Munro, I am a volunteer for AFS New Zealand, Hutt Valley, Wellington.� We have a lovely young Brazilian student who we have so far been unable to find a host family for. He is due to arrive in New Zealand in mid-February for a 10 month stay but if we can't find a home for him he will be delayed for a second time. As you may know, AFS students are hosted with no payment to host family or host school so we need to find a family who may be interested in Brazilian culture and would find the rewards of building a relationship with a young person from another culture reward enough for their efforts. We are able to split his stay between two families, so if we could find someone willing to host him for half his stay initially that would be a great start.� Renan is 17, a good student and interested in a wide range of sports, and by all accounts, well house trained!

If you have any suggestions about cultural organisations I could contact I would be most grateful. If you are interested or know anyone who may be please contact me phone 04 5696976 or 0210781866, email [email protected]

Leigh Munro
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