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  Topic: Capoeira Pick up lines
  2008-01-31 07:33:25
Found these on a cool Capoeira blog. Cracked me up so I'll share them with you....

Are you a capoeirista? Because you just turned my world upside-down.

You must have lots of mandinga, because I�ve fallen under your spell!

That�s too bad that you lost your pandeiro, but if you want you can bang me instead.

If I play you hard enough in the roda, will you go volta ao mundo with me?

Hi, are you an angoleiro? That�s great, �cause I�m regional�what say we get together and be contemporary?

I�m surprised you have an apelido, because to me you are indescribable!

You know, your abada would be cleaner if you didn�t wear it at all.

If I gave you rasteira would that sweep you off your feet?
  2008-02-01 01:47:12
LOL thats crack up as!!!!
  2008-02-01 13:37:24
"Is that a Caxixi in your pocket or are you just pleased to see me?"
  2008-02-03 19:55:10
How much do you weigh?
  2008-02-04 15:25:17
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