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  Topic: por angola e atravez
  Irons in the fire
  2008-04-09 23:45:28
Apparentley Bimba did had a few scraps with a couple of other various disciplines. Meste Acordean's book talks about a bit about this stuff.

I don't know how sporting it was...if street mentally was applied like in some forms of capoeira I'd suspect that there was a few disputable moments in the eyes of the sportsman.

I've a feeling that they were competing for a lot of things and the fight was intense cos there was so much to lose...

Anyone else?

  2008-04-10 06:28:56
It was also because capoeira became legalized around then as well, in some ways Mestre Bimba had to not only impress the public, but also the authorities for their approval in order to open his academy.
  dom dom dom dom ding
  2008-04-10 07:58:44
Oh Dayle,

I think the guy's name is Contra Mestre Perere...i guess you could try and email him for a copy of the article...

  2008-04-12 09:40:00
[Looks at Dayle's spelling of Contre. With one hand changes the "e" to an "a". With the other hand slaps Dayle on the back of the head. With both feet waddles off.]
  2008-04-13 14:08:59
Hi Ra maluko,

I'm not 100% certain, but perhaps it refers to the fact that Bimba introduced and formalised the graduation system with belts and testing etc. and the scoring system, whilst creating a series of attack/defence sequences that allowed a capoeirista to react to a multitude of situations when faced with other martial artists. Also, having more strict regulations in place meant that practitioners would be in the same leagues as other internationalised and disciplined martial arts when competing.

  2008-05-08 19:02:44
Somebody tell me why is it so common to find Angoleiros defending/comparing the position of Capoeira Angola in respect to Capoeira Regional? Whereas it is very rare to find a regional player critcising the game of Angola.
(Benguela shifts uneasily in seat).
  2008-05-08 20:54:18

I'll think if you read the above, this not what is being discussed. The view that's been taken that if you are serious about capoeira is it possible to study capoeira angola and regional...not which is better...there is no doubt that they are both great, because it is capoeira....

Besides, very few people practice capoeira regional, they practice mostly contemporanea, a blend of both.

The view that one is better than the other is something that will never be resolved, who's right?

You might want to read the first post in this thread.

Sorry for the step in just trying to keep the discussion on track.

(Amazonas peers over and shrugs his shoulders)...
  2008-05-09 20:32:21
Yes it was slightly off the topic of first post . But im just commenting on the underlying tone throughout the discussion and the question still remains.

The question was not whether one was better than the other(which i agree is pointless and irrelevant) but rather....... read above.

  2008-05-10 01:25:04
There'a always a lot of underlying tone in any discussion. Maybe that's the bit that you picked up on?

I think you're making a statement and want to be heard rather than asking a question.

Besides, it's two way street. I seen and heard Regional/Comtemporanea players criticise angola for heaps of reasons. But they 're not representatives of the art. They are just speaking for them selves. At least that's how I see it.

Bimba actually has a shot about angoleiros who paint Berimbau's and sell then for heaps to tourist when the biriba is still green.

This, I see, is one of the inherent conflicts in capoeira...Foucault addresses this is some of discussion of power

One mestre in his version of o sim sim sim, always sings... O joao pequeno disse que sim mas o joao grande disse nao...Which I understand to mean, little john say no and john big says yes...(they're big masters in the world of capoeira too....).

If it's different, you can choose to see it as positively or negatively... matter of choice? That's not to say some people have bad vibes, others good.

  2008-05-10 01:32:26
Without being a univeisal new ager... the points ain't so irrelevant cos we always going to learn together and think about things in different way...
  2008-05-10 01:52:38
foucault - I don't think your question makes a lot of sense. You seem to be implying that that the words defending, comparing and criticising can be used interchangeably?

[removes pedantic hat]

Anywayz, this topic seems to me to be a good example of different capoeiras comparing and contrasting without criticism.

  2008-05-10 22:14:49
i can see what foucault saying, interesting question and i think is relevant, maybe no here (nz) but definalty em brasil where this criticsim/comparison/(ar de superiodade?) is very present in the way that you saying.

sorry my bad english rsrsrs
  2008-05-14 10:42:18
thanks for that somebody.
ha so this is why i'm failing uni!

*sentence structure needs work,
*doesn't answer question,
*needs to work on question interpretation.

maybe i could send u an essay to proofread sometime.
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