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  Topic: Documentary "My Father, My Master" in post stage
  2008-04-07 12:16:25
Hi there. This is Paulo, the guy holding a camera all through the INt Encounter of Capoeira Angola in Sydney last year... How are you doing? I was sad not to be able to go to the event in NZ, but I heard great reports from Mestre Roxinho and students from here who went.

I heard Mestre Roxinho screened a 9 minute trailer of the documentary I am producing called "My Father, My Master". I write this to introduce myself, establish contact, hear your feedback about the film and leave an invite for the ones who would like to support the postproduction of the documenhtary.

This documentary has not received any funding apart from a few people who are pre-purchasing the DVD and helping with the bills while I finish the doco. Anyone can sponsor 50(ind), 150(org). You can do this through my website www.vidiola.com. And when the doco is finished I would post a copy to the supporters, who would have their names or logos credited on the film.

The 9 minute preview was screened at the Sydney Latin American FIlm Festival at the Chauvel Cinema in Sydney and has been short-listed for the Panavision Award for Best Local Production.

Hope this is the right place to reach you guys. If not, please let me know.

All the best.

Paulo Alberton
[email protected]
  2023-02-01 17:32:07
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