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  Topic: R18 Axe contain may offend
  2008-06-03 02:26:23

This is the business, my eyes were bouncing in the sockets when i saw this....
  2008-06-03 03:52:17
  2008-06-04 13:22:04
What is happening around 1:29 and around 1:49? Also, what do you think of rkinerti's comment?
  2008-06-05 04:02:49

Not too sure but there's some axe in that house...shucks...I think it some maculele capoeira combo, heaps going on there anyway, he's the man when it comes to a show,

  2008-06-05 09:32:56
Man that dude can play. I thought rkinerti's comment was funny. All of these old school clips coming on line is just a natural part of the globalisation of capoeira. In the Little Capoeira book, Nestor talks about the inevitability of this happening with Capoeira and how it will follow the same cycle that happened in Brazil back in the day when capoeira migrated from City to city. It lost some things but gained others and ended up as the Capoeira we know today. Now Capoeira is shifting from nation to nation, hence the use of the internet. Do I think its sad? Hell no, else I would have never been able to see the clip. I now have a greater appreciation for Mestre Suassuna.

I often wonder though what Brazilians think about other cultures playing Capoeira and adding a bit of ourselves to its development. I remeber a couple of years ago the Spice Girls did Ka Mate on T.V with no appreciation of the author or the history of the Haka. Are we making the same mistake?
  2008-06-05 13:14:19
[thinks about Dayle's singing and dancing in the roda and wonders if he is a missing member of the Spice Girls.]
  2008-06-05 20:51:50
Wow interesting comment Matt.

Yeah Suassuna is great. He's got this great sense of celebration in capoeira and 'looseness'. Sometime when you see really good capoeira you like what the??...??

It's fair to say that capoeira already has moved to most nation, capoeria anogla in Moscow, Finland and Scotland, capoeira in ireland, bali, even mozambique one of capoeira's orgins!

The development of, well, it brings up all sorts of questions really...

  2008-06-06 19:11:38
@palhaco: you can't tell where a train is going by looking at the tracks.
  2008-06-10 12:00:41
Hey Jack,

Yeah bro thats true if Capoeira is played in Wanganui then it really has extended to the far corners of the globe. Taihape next...?
  2008-06-10 22:11:55
Cool isn't it....Hell of a distance to cover...Well i guess of pizza can do i then so can other stuff...
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