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  Topic: Capoeira at the Movies
  2008-07-15 13:21:19
Kia Ora All,

Discussion is getting far apart these days. I thought I'd spark something off. Capoeira in the media. Somehow we all learnt about this martial art/dance/game in different ways. For me the first time I heard about capoeira was in Only the Strong.

Anywho, now that Capoeira is rapidly gaining global popularity I think that its gonna pop up in more and more movies. Maybe one day be the central focus of a movie like only the strong (just with a real script and more capoeira). I've noticed that it is a few movies lately. If you've seen Indian Jones there is a part wre Indy goes into a cemetry and is attacked by a dude who uses Capoeira. Also, in the trailer for HellBoy 2 Abe Sapien (the blue dude) does a capoeira move. I dont know the name of the move, but its definetly Capo.

  2008-07-15 13:22:00
He does the move about 1.54 through the clip
  2008-07-15 13:35:48
Hey Matt,

Here's a list of Capoeira in the media:

  2008-07-15 16:36:09
Cheers Dayle. The last thing cracked me up:
"The French Connection, a company which is a prolific producer of gay pornographic videos, has released at least twenty-seven Capoeira-themed films"

What the?...
  2008-07-15 17:16:58
dude, capoeira in films brings to mind the french burglar in ocean's eleven? movie about a bunch of fullas pulling of a massive hiest, and theres a mean scene when the cat burglar moves thru the lazer detection network of a building.

That little dude from the indy movies, i think, was also in a movie with the rock in it? (excuse my ignorance, TV watching is minimal) and the rocks in the amazon and he has to fight some jungle dudes, and the little guy from the cemetary scene in the new indy movie pulls out some slick capoeira/brazilian amazon kick ass moves...

is that ringing a bell at all?

  2008-07-15 18:40:57
Belesko, you're right - it's a great scene, imo the best in the movie.

The movie with The Rock is The Rundown:

  2008-07-16 08:18:38
Yeah that Oceans Twelve scene is crazy.

There are also a ton of ads that have capo. Maybe we'll start to see some on out tv someday soon. Heres one of my favourites

  Marijke / duvidosa
  2008-07-22 15:53:53
Maybe something to organise when there's a meeting of people playing capoeira,
like a batizado, or weekend with practice / workshops:
a movienight with themes where capoeira is in!
  2008-07-22 22:16:09
cheers dayle, excuse my lack of film medianess, am studying and have vanquished tv from my personal life.

is great for time, training, and general levels of relaxation but leaves me short when it comes to current media knowledge.

a viewing of capoeira exerts would be rad. i'd be down for watching if someone media savvy would put it together-lol.
  2008-07-24 01:06:00
Belesko, best wishes for your studies.
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