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  Topic: Angola or Regional?
  2009-12-27 16:11:27
I see capoeira hasn't taught you anything about vadiagem! Haha.

It's ironic that you speak of humility when it was you who came to our virtual roda to dump on our style of capoeira (citing marketing as an example) and when we present you with an educated response based on what we know about the history of this art form and the principles it stands for, all you can do is swear at us.

ANY Mestre that is worth anything should be horrified at the idea of one of their students representing their group at another's roda by abusing the students there and announcing proudly that they'd piss on the graves of the old Mestres (without whom they would never have experienced capoeira in this day and age anyway). This is exactly what you've done here.

In any case, I reckon this conversation is a pretty good illustration of how the capoeira would play out in a real roda. Maybe you could have had a fun game with us, learned a thing or two and taught us something. But you've just gotten hot headed and reacted violently, so for now I'm gonna shake your hand and jump back on the bateria.

"Toma cuidado menino traquino, calca de homen nao da ao menino..."
  2009-12-27 17:52:16
wait u do angola??? wid whom if you dont mind me askin
  2009-12-27 18:00:37
Wait this is a capoeira school's website??? Look im sorry,its one thing to disrespect a man in an unowned place another to disrespect him in yours but out of line to do it in his........i apologize for disrespecting your art,our art i should say cause at the end of the day if someone were to band capoeira there would be regional or angola just capoeira.Salve
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