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  Topic: schools near Dunedin
  2009-08-10 07:50:35
Hi, I train with Capoeira Males (pronounced Malays) in Toronto Canada. I might be living in Dunedin for school next year. Do you have any classes near there? PS, I know C.M. Cacara and the Mandinga peeps in New York.
  2009-08-11 10:14:07
Kia Ora Canela.
I think Perere is teaching down there still.
He has a group Aruande capoeira established there and I believe his classes are at the University.
For details check out Capoeira Aruande on google.

Hope that helps. :-)

  2009-08-14 09:12:57
otherwise, www.capoeira.net.nz
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