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  Topic: Ultimate fighter???
  2007-08-23 14:20:07
The fish!
  2007-08-24 07:59:57
Hello! Good Site! Thanks you! etwbfmtqwkssh
  2007-09-01 22:33:44
  2007-09-12 16:25:12
Hey Guys,

I just found this site. I think Capoeira is mean as, and would be keen to give it a go. I practice Ju Jitsu and I hella interested in the conversatio/argument as to who would be the ultimate fighter/style.

I was wondering if Capoeira had any ground techniques or grappling aspects to it. If I fought someone who wanted to kick my block off I'd take them to the ground and submit them.

Why is there no Capoeira guys in UFC or MMA?

Anywho thats my five cents. Its a shame that the capoeira classes are only in the big cities. I live in Wanganui and would be keen az to learn.

  2007-09-12 16:35:34
Hey Matt,

I believe there are kids classes in Wanganui, and I know there was the intention of setting up adult classes, but I'm not sure if that's happened yet. Get in touch with Cole: slapcole (at ) gmail (dot) com and he should be able to let you know what's going on down there. Hmm, I can't remember Jason's email, but if you see any other posts around this forum that mention the email for 'Sticks' you could get in touch with him too. Or Sticks/Cole if you're out there, maybe you can help this dude out :P. Wicked.
  2007-09-13 10:31:21
Cheers Rastinha,

Yeah I found a forum about Capoeira in Wanganui after I made that post and I've emailed Slapcole.

Are there every any tournaments in NZ for the fighting aspect of Capoeira?
  2007-09-13 11:07:14
Nah, I don't think so. Capoeira is a bit different to other martial arts in that respect. Well, throughout the world there's a lot of variation as I guess different people/schools have different philosophies on the whole thing, so you get tournaments and stuff in some places.

But for the most part, especially here in NZ, the game aspect of it is much more emphasised. We play capoeira with each other, which isn't to say that our games are not dangerous, cos indeed they very often are, but just that we try to avoid violence and aggression and keep smiling and laughing about it all. There's not too much of a competitive edge to it all, just an opportunity to have fun and learn new stuff all the time. Hope that helps answer your question a little :)
  2007-09-13 13:04:59
Yeah bro it does
  Soul Commander
  2007-09-18 19:52:19
Nga mihi nui ki a koutou katoa. He miharo ki te raranga korerorero ki a koutou. Just wanted to b a part of the discussao and say that expression only exsists because of diversity. The only thing we have the capacity to develop is our individual soul.

The rest is just individual experience exerting a force on other matter independent from that individual. And those forces playing out their motions individually are what connects us all collectively.

If u wana destroy, go for it. Or if u wana create, go for it. One cannot exist without knowing the other. Depending on where you come from, you may not have to defend your right to live or survive (i.e. western cyphilisation), only defend your right to consume (lucky you). In developing nations or under the cloak of poverty this is exactly the opposite case. Historical, Social, and Locational context all apply, and every combination of these variables wil reveal different results to different individuals.

I have said nothing.

The purpose of every journey, every action, every thought begins in the spirit. Let us all return there and examine our reasons for everything we do in order to better understand Truth and distinguish reality from mere discussions.

To cry is as natural as a smile, a wink, happiness, rage. Only bravado and cultural mores transform it into weakness.

We are all inadequate and powerful beyond understanding simultaneously. Wrap your martial arts around that.

And finally...i play capoeira because i play capoeira because i play capoeira (Viva os pensamentos a Pastinha). What it means to you means little to me. But its my way of linking and creating with people, which can be violent, playful, intricate, or simple.
  2007-09-19 11:12:45
Ae, he mihi nui a koe e hoa. Your post is pretty deep brotha, and to tell the truth I didnt understand it at all. Maybe after doing capoeira for a while I might.

Back to the Ultimate Fighter topic though, I've found out that Capoeira does have some grappling aspects to it (forgive if im wrong). If this is the case why isnt there any Capoeira fighters in MMA?

After reading the post on this forum and others I'm beggining to think it may because using Capoeira to pummell another guy is the opposite to the philosophy of what Capoeira is all about. ???

Anywho, check this link out. Bad ass Maestre

P.S Start first my first class of Capoeira tonight *gulp*
  2007-09-19 11:13:55
Opps, heres the link to Maestre Bad Ass:

  2007-09-19 11:36:59
Good luck Matt.
See you in the Roda!
  2007-09-19 23:13:21
Sup Soul commander!

You living and chillin in New Zealand dude?

  Andreina Cecilio
  2007-09-20 08:44:57
now we are fussing and now we are fightin. Andreina Cecilio.
  2007-09-20 11:55:34

..."We are all inadequate and powerful beyond understanding simultaneously. Wrap your martial arts around that."

I believe Cap (dance/game/fight = 'martial art' ?) does happily wrap around this. Everytime we play in the roda - our microcosm - it requires of us and enhances our strengths and vulnerabilities (weakness and power).
Extending our capacity (understanding) for both.
  2007-09-20 12:49:52
Hey Mung
Yep still residing in good ol' Aotearoa.
Hope to get over your way next year some time.
How's tricks with you?

  2007-09-20 12:53:44
KK thats a point worth meditating on!
It also requires no only to enhance but to explore our strengths and vulnerabilities.
  2007-09-20 14:07:44
Hey Matt, how was your first class? Hope it was all good, those guys down there are cool so you should've been sweet.

This thread is deep man... I think I need more sleep before I process that...

  2007-09-20 15:39:41
Hey Rastinha,

First class was all good aye. The dudes down here are sweet az, and Mike's a good teacher. Felt like an un-co elephant trying to do the Jinga for the first time, but got it eventually. Looking forward to the next class for sure!

Whats Axe'?
  2007-09-20 16:08:58
Glad to hear it went well, and don't worry, it would be weird if you DIDN'T feel unco at a first class... Tis all good. And we're all still working on our ginga... It's the first movement we learn, but one of the last ones we'll master....

Ax� in this context is basically a word used to describe the energy that we put into and get out of capoeira, I suppose. A random definition I just fished off the net says:

The term ax� (also spelled ach� or ash� � all pronounced ah-SHEH) comes from the Yoruba peoples of Western Africa. It is the name they gave to the life force; the concept is similar to the Eastern idea of qi. In capoeira today, ax� has come to mean something like �energy.� If a roda has a lot of ax�, it means it has good vibes, powerful energy. Some groups use the word as a greeting.

Dos velhos Mestres que viveram na Bahia,
Manda todo o seu ax� e tamb�m sua magia
Bahia manda seu ax� pra mim

From the old Mestres who lived in Bahia,
Send all your ax� and also your magic
Bahia send your ax� to me

Which I guess is a fairly decent explanation of it on a basic level. I think, and maybe I'm wrong, but oh well, that the more you play capoeira and the more you get into the music and the community, the more you begin to grasp the concept of what ax� is and means in the capoeira context.

For me, it's part of what draws me to capoeira... It's like... the really awesome buzz I'm always left with after a good roda, or just a good music session... And the cool vibe I feel when I hang out with my fellow capoeiristas... And the extra little bit of energy I can draw on when I'm in the roda and dead tired and need to push through that barrier to keep going. It's probably a whole lot more than that, but I have an uncanny knack for getting started on topics like this and writing copious amounts of stuff, so I think I'll leave it at that for now and let you ponder that. Have a look around the net for more stuff about ax�. And mandinga as well, here's a good place to read up on that:


  2007-09-20 18:54:19
..."We are all inadequate and powerful beyond understanding simultaneously. Wrap your martial arts around that."

Just like Mestre Pastinha sings in Maior � Deus
  2007-10-14 21:58:05
Hello! Good Site! Thanks you! vjzzmakmnkidl
  2007-10-15 18:32:36
Hi Matt i'm just gonna take back a few steps. you asked if there were any capoeira people in mma. well there are a couple i know of . 1 of them is Mestre Hulk. i think he's competed in u.f.c , pride and vale tudo. he's gotta pretty good trac record. look him up he's pretty good
  2007-10-15 21:16:22
Chur chur Ra, that dude gets 10 points for having a badass name. Thanks man. Training is going mean bro, look forward to batizadio! See you in that roda for sure bro!
  2007-10-15 21:39:34
you might wanna wait a few years b4 u face the wrath of the "RA" bro,aroha mai.
  2007-10-16 13:03:57
You guys probably have heard or seen the movie "Bloodsport". I'm not taking the credibilty of a capoeirista but in the kumite where there're all sort of mixed martial arts, a capoeirista would not only have his ass kicked but would be as good as dead, especially fighting with that big guy Van Damme defeated.
  2007-10-16 13:24:37
You men really don't know what capoeira is about do you? All you say is fight, fight. Capoeira is way more than that. It's the history of a people. A way of life. Capoeiristas do capoeira no to fight each other, not to compete and show who's the best. It's all about passion, it's all about culture, having fun. But I guess is nice to hear you kiwis talking about it. It shows your passion for it. It's like you have a bit of Brazil inside of you and that's special.
  2007-10-16 13:30:06
Kia Ora Fighter, bro I disagree. Check out this mestre in some mma fights:
I think if you read some of the posts earlier in this topic you will see the point made that guys like him (bloodsport dude)are actors. They may be able to whip Van Damme in real life but in the movies they do whatever their script tells them to do. The big fella in blood sport may beat some capoeirastas (me for sure) in a real fight but he certainly wont whip everyone who does capoeira. Check out the link then hit the forum back.

Hey Putumuju, are you a.k.a Cole?
  Eka Kolour
  2007-10-22 10:30:01
oh when i went away for doing my first chrim. Eka Kolour.
  2007-10-22 14:09:37
well well well... Brasileirinha are you going to post as "Fighter" or "Brasileirinha" today. haha busted again
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