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  Topic: Sing a line
  2006-10-04 03:03:37
Hi Yo'all,

I heard someone sing paranae other day and really well too it kind inspired me to learn more lines of this song...

If I start can anyone add more lines?

vou mimbora vou embora paranae como ja disse eu vou paranae!
  2006-10-04 04:29:53
Let me repost that, my goodness me....

vou embora vou embora parana como ja disse que vou parana
  2006-10-04 17:43:42
Hey mugunza
Heres a line to parana e you can add....

"parana e, parana e parana"

  2006-10-04 17:49:48
The only one I actually know is:

Eu sou brazo de mare parana, mais eu sou mare sem fim parana...

And I dunno if I know that one right. I wanna learn more of it too, so I can actually sing it sometime. Need to broaden my repertoire.
  2006-10-05 14:10:36
Tem batuque todo dia, Parana, mulata de qualidade, Parana!

That's A��car's favorite line, for obvious reasons...
  2006-10-05 20:15:09

Ele e um fugido parana mas tambem um palhacao parana!
  2006-10-05 21:14:00
One of my favourites...

"vou dizer minha mulher parana, capoeira me venceu parana"
  2006-10-06 01:32:30

contaram minha mulher parana capoeira tu venceu parana
  2006-10-06 12:51:42
Vou mimbora pra Bahia Parana, eu aqui nao fico nao Parana

Hopefully there's be some truth to that one sometime in the not too distant future. Tem saudade da Bahia!
  2006-10-06 14:36:51
Vou embora pra Bahia Parana, porque la � meu lugar Parana.

Com certeza Zigue Zague, com certeza.
  2006-10-06 22:50:50
With...with a beer, gafa? Did I get it right?

Glad to see people using the forum. Man, they told me I was crazy. They told me it stretched too far to the right in Firefox. But I had the last laugh. Oh, yes.
  2006-10-06 23:45:44
Minhoca! Long time no communication! How's things?
  2006-10-06 23:53:44
pra dar uma rasteira parana tem que comer muita minhoca parana
  2006-10-11 23:32:09
parana, parana e parana parana paranra e parana
  2006-10-12 07:47:40
Ko te capoeira ka pai, Parana... i te raa, i te po, Parana
  2006-10-12 08:32:27
H� este moleque da Samoa, Parana. Ele tem as marcas Ze Ze, Parana.

Parana e, Parana e, Parana

Pode jogar a capoeira, Parana. Que mexe tanto com a mente, Parana
  2006-10-12 11:22:42
Minhoca, 'com certeza' means with certainty, 'com cerveja' would be with beer. Would be good to meet up with all you crazy expats, com cerveja com certeza.

And look out, the Allstar himself has dropped some lines!

No meu grupo o professor, Parana, � um gringo de valor, Parana!

Parana e, Parana e, Parana

Ele joga aqui e la, Parana, ele � um PalagiAllstar, Parana!

That's right Allstar, it rhymes baby.
  2006-10-12 11:30:55
Ahhh yeah... I didn't get the rhyming quite right... It must be a white thang... but I think it works.
  2006-10-12 12:53:19
Haha, that's awesome ZZ. I see a whole new version of parana e arising in our midst... We'll have a whole new repertoire of songs soon, especially along with Brabo's awesome freestyling in Hamilton, albeit in english...

'Rastinha still hasn't changed her game...
I see that ginga twice a week..
Come on Rastinha it's still the same..
Rastinha's gonna stay in the roda til she changes her game...'

Or whatever it was that I caught between gasping for air after the first few people...Good times.
  2006-10-12 14:15:54
somente um pato f�mea faz o quack parana e este quack n�o tem nenhum eco parana
  2006-10-12 14:58:15
Hee hee :) Love it.
  2006-10-12 15:03:05
Mas as patos f�mea nos, Parana. Morder�o sua bunda, Parana.
  2006-10-12 15:27:02
Ok, I tried, but my portuguese is crap for coming up with stuff, this is probably half spanish, my bad. You'll need some pretty good rapping skills to get this first one out in time with the music, lol.

Quando o berimbau toco, parana, eu sei que meus camaradas s�o loucos, parana

One for playing poker with M&Ms to at next camp:

O sobremesa esta sobre a mesa, parana, e a cerveja tambem, com certeza, parana

And if it's not chocolate on the table:

Voce tem que ser mandingueiro, parana; se n�o quer perder seu dinheiro, parana

  2006-10-12 20:20:54
Essa roda ta rolando parana! vamos embora vamos embora!

minha mae ta me chamando parana o que vida de moleque parana

esse jogue de mandinga parana quem quer cantar vai ! parana

  2006-10-13 00:07:09

Se voce quiser me ver, parana, bote seu navio no mar parana...

  2006-10-13 00:29:56
mandingueiro mandingueiro voce ja e embarcou parana!

  2006-10-13 11:34:57
Quando sua mamae tu chamar, Parana. Precisa ouc,a bem, Parana
Mais quando seu mestre tu chamar, Parana. Precisa voce deve soltar, Parana
  2006-10-13 20:14:52
foi alguem que me falou parana, melhor a sentar no sombre parana!

essa roda mesmo vida parana, puxa puxa leva leva parana!
  2006-10-13 23:32:33
Essa roda 'ta vivo, Parana. Vem pra ca, volta ao mundo, Parana

Volta ao mundo comigo, Parana. 3 mestres 't�o vindo, Parana
  2006-10-17 11:13:51
capoeira pasifika mandinga aotearoa parana, parana!
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