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  Topic: New to Capoeira Pasifika - This is your forum!
  2006-03-08 16:00:11
If you are a beginner or new to Capoeira Pasifika this topic/forum is your chance to ask all those questions about Capoeira you didin't have time or felt uncomfortable to ask in class.
  2006-03-30 07:57:18
Do I have to wear Tight Blue Pants like you do? : P
  2006-03-30 16:32:46
Oi Ligeiro!!!! How's it? Are you bringing the family for a visit some time?
  2006-04-21 09:46:32
Hey, I will be starting to work in Town in about 2 or 3 weeks so prepare for some good old man styles. (Still can't touch my toes) Capoeira.
  2006-04-28 13:14:04
Hey old man. See you in the Roda soon!
  2006-04-29 11:37:55
o ligeiro ligeiro parana! kia ora that makes 2 of us lol! well the touch the toes thing:)l
  2006-05-01 20:12:44
Oi Legeiro, I can't wait to regret your return. Have missed your style in simplicity - did that come out right? - your precision and economy of movement might be a better way to put it LOL. Anyway WELCOME back, it'll be great to have your presence again.

It's a shame you missed Encounter though. Mestre Joao Grande might have shown you a thing'a'two bout "old man styles"...l
  2006-05-02 22:30:27
Just wondering about getting graded and advancing?Do we need to take certain classes to excell?We are only new to capoeira,but I was told you are given a Belt/rope that shows your level of skill?Just wanted to know as I think the belts or what ever,are quite cool! How do we get/earn one of them??

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