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  Topic: New students to Capoeira - This is your forum!
  2006-03-08 16:01:27
If you are a beginner or new to Capoeira Pasifika this topic/forum is your chance to ask all those questions about Capoeira you didin't have time or felt uncomfortable to ask in class.
  2006-04-18 15:46:15
Is there a group that does capoiera in the Whakatane region.
  Arranha Ceu
  2006-04-19 10:34:52
Hey Winny, unfortunately as far as I am aware there are no Capoeira classes in Whakatane (I am a born an bred EBOPian too). The closest is at Mount Maunganui which I teach on Mons and Thurs 6:30 - 8:30. Details are on the website or give me a call on 021 534598. We have a couple of people who travel uyp from Kawerau every now an then.
  2006-05-11 00:15:53
I have just started capoeira and i find i difficult because i am not the most flexible person in the world and i can't make my movements look smooth. I know practice makes perfect but can somebody please tell me how to increase my flexiblity?
  2006-05-11 09:01:16
By flexiblity I presume you mean being flexible in your legs (hamstrings), hips and lower back. At least those seem to be the problem areas for most Capoeiristas. The first and most important part of becoming flexible is patience. This attitude is important for two reasons; firstly forcing or pushing yourself too hard can cause damage and secondly because without being patient you won't be able to relax enough physically to gain from stretching.
Yoga is probably the best way to approach stretching. But if yo dont have the resources (time or money) to attend Yoga classes there are other techniques. I would suggest asking your Capoeira teacher for some good stretches.
Then its a matter of finding a small amount of time every day to do the stretching.
In the meantime here is one stretch method I think is quite effective for stretching the hamstrings and hips. If you have a favourite book or TV program you like to watch, sit yourself down with either of those.
Sit on the floor legs out in front of you; then open your legs as far as you can and keep them there. Then over the course of watching your program or reading your book try leaning your body forward (while keeping your back straight). As you do this remember to be relaxed breath easy and dont push too hard; be gentle. You will find that the longer you stay in this position and remaining relaxed the better the stretch will be. Eventually you will find you can put your chest to the floor with ease. However this won't happen the first time you do this, it all takes time.
Remember the key to a good stretch is remaing relaxed and that often comes from breathing deeply.

I hope this helps.
  2006-05-11 14:49:15
Damn man Lucifer thats a top notch answer, ill never sit in a seat again. Good Answer :0)
  2006-05-13 17:03:36
im interested in capoeira but have no rythem at all is this going to be a huge problem
  2006-05-14 12:16:13
hey mateake, i dont think thats going to be a huge problem, like lu said. just be patient and train hard and eventually everything will fall in2 place.
  2006-05-17 00:57:21
thanks for the stretching tips! i am loving capoeira! where can i get a pair of those capoeira pants from?
  2006-05-17 11:21:56
The person to talk to about buying Capoeira pants is Professor Brabo (if you are training in Auckland that is).
If you are training in another part of NZ talk to your teacher about purchasing a pair of pants and t-shirt etc; they should be able to hook you up.
  2006-05-18 11:13:12
mateake, playing capoeira is how you GET rhythm.

It used to psych me out watching people who were really good play - they're strong, they're fast, they're lean, whatever. I would think oh dear, if that is what you need, how will i ever be really good? But over time I realised that if you practise, you start to aquire all those qualities. In other words it's exactly the other way around from the psych-out position.

Note: am still not terribly good, fast, lean, whatever. But definitely more so than when I started :)
  2006-07-08 13:39:51
Hey, just wondering are there any classes in auckland for beginners on a Monday night? or would it work coming to classes every two week - i work nights every second week....??
  2006-07-09 12:23:03
Hi there, does anyone know if there is a capoeira club in New Plymouth? If so, could I please have their contact details.
  2006-07-12 00:50:58
Hey Laurel. At the moment there's no Monday night class. We can sort it out if you can only make it every two weeks.
  2006-07-13 18:01:46
someone was talking about the flexibility factor?dude it sounds like your a brown brother,or sister which eva you prefer and if so,im guessing you have the unfortunate gift of nesian muscle.bro,the flexibility factor was an up hill battle for me and for a long time meant i was falling behind the others when it came to progressing forward.the truth is,when it came to doing movements in class that demanded flexibility,i use to go away and practice things i could do but focus on doing them with maximum effect.for me this avoided embarrassment and frustration for failing to acheive the more difficult moves.
bro nothing good comes without hard work.take the good advice from lucifer and perhaps lay off the island steroids [beefcorn and taro] put the xtra work into working your body towards the more demanding moves and in time if your patient enough,the force will be with you.
take it from me,the hard work does pay off.have fun.
  2006-07-13 21:29:16
oh by the way,oi!
  2006-07-14 02:29:00
haha,has anyone actually looked back at what they have written? man i just sounded like some talk back show host, oprah riding into town butt naked on a zebra.
hey brabo have you brushed your breaf yet?
na seriously,the other day i forgot to brush my breaf b4 training,and i went to do a rabo de arraia and spun around,i spun back into my own breaf aow!
hardcase,i fell over.
lesson learned.dont spin around unless you got a colgate smile!
i see you later.got a couple of trees to tesoura,i mean chop.
jandles away!!!
  2006-07-15 00:46:46
Cole, you're a nut.
  2006-07-15 01:06:21
whos cole?
  2006-08-07 16:17:09
  2006-08-10 17:07:04
avoided embarrassment and frustration...."just do it" ha ha
na seriously what you got to be like that for we all have it, been there and are constenty in it! and if you dont do it then you will never know what you are capable of being....in the morning when you back has had some sleep stand up and try and touch your toes....one day (and i an't talking happely every after) you'll suprize yourself
  2006-09-06 00:52:19
dose anyone know of a teacher in the south-east england near Canterbury? I would love to start capoeira, but i cant find anywhere that dose it, apart from London. If anyone has any idars please let me know at [email protected] THANXZ. R
  2006-09-06 04:14:42

Seek out Adam, he will give one of the hardest training sessions ever. He started training with Joao Pequeno after being with Senzala for a while.

He has one of the great knacks of drawing the best game out of someone. He definitely a little erractic at times but a really cool guy. Tell him I said hi.

He lives in Tottes Nes.

Let me know you go.
  2006-09-06 10:26:23

I'm new to capoeira and I really hate slowing down my partner in classes whenever Brabo asked us to do some sequences simply because I could not do the move yet.

Would any of the senior students has free time on the weekend to meet up at the park and voluntarily help me for an hour or so, please? (the park seems to be a nice place to practice; as Veludu said, "The floor will always be there" ... well,yeah, I don't really dig into the idea of falling on the floor all the time LOL). Having said that, whoever kind enough to do this favor would have heaps of patience with me, hopefully :-) Plus, I could buy you a coffee afterward :-)

By the way, I live in Grey Lynn, so perhaps anyone from this area would be willing to help?

Do let me know, please, my e-mail is slistyadewi at yahoo dot co dot uk

  2006-09-06 13:06:57
Or to my mobile: 0210534660
I really appreciate all the help I can get :-)


  2006-10-05 14:12:30
Hi All
I would like my children to start doing this for fitness and enjoyment rather than playing rugby/league. Is there a class in Wellington for Children only from 5yrs onwards?
  2006-10-05 16:00:45
Hi, yes there's a children's class in Wellington, it's held at Thistle hall (on the corner of Cuba and Arthur streets) from 5-6pm on Tuesdays. If you need more information feel free to contact me, my email address is under the Wellington section of the classes page on this site.
  2006-10-08 11:30:48
Ola minha menina de 9 anos quero fazer capoeira we live in Auckland what is the best day for me to take her?
  2006-10-11 22:51:01
Ola Bella
contact Professor Brabo on [email protected] for class info in Auckland.

Or wait one secound he might be about

iiiieeee...brabo..call for you
  2006-10-12 23:30:44
Ola Andarilho..obrigado I sent a message to Brabo....
vc esta Brasiliero???
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