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  Topic: Capoeira in Germany
  2006-03-21 09:11:56
I don�t know if some of you still know me. I hope so. When I look on your side every once in a while I still recognize some familiar names. I lived in Christchurch for a year (2002) and went to all the events this year. On my batizado Brabo called me "Logica". So I visit your side just to dream of New Zealand and feal sad that I can�t come to your great Easter event. I met Mestre Joao Grande in november in Erlangen, Germany, on a workshop and believe me, foi bom demais. Still touring around on Capoeira events I meet people from NZ when I last expect it. I met Nathan in Grossetto, a really small town in Italy. Somebody said, Euan is in France. So if you talk to him pass him my email ([email protected]) He might pass in Germany, good chance for a roda in Stuttgart. Many hugs and give me a note if you want to, Heike
  2006-03-30 00:11:18
Hi Logica

It's cool to hear from you. Hopefully see you some time myself. I was just travelling to Rotorua with Nathan today. He said he saw you in Italy. Hope you're good.

  2006-04-09 06:44:11
Yes, I�m fine.Playing heaps of Capoeira and loving it as always (-:
All the best for you guys and see you soon (or at least some day) My next vacation will probably go to Brasil again, but what about next year in New Zealand??
  cobra cega
  2006-05-05 00:04:11
oi pacifica mandingueiros! oi querida l�gica!

isn't it strange that the world of capoeira is so small at the end of the day.
when i was in new zealand back in 2002/03 i first got in contact with capoeira through you guys there. i had met brabo just by accident at the student centre where he had shown up himself by surprise. no one was there, as classes had moved away to wahea dance school. brabo, back then, took his chance to teach us new guys (three in total) the basics... my first ginga-steps! believe it or not... practicing capoeira since that day, i won't forget this moment and how it felt getting confused with this amazing kick... meia lua de compaso!
heike and i had met at the capoeira camp close to roturua. she's from germany, i'm from germany...she's form darmstadt, a little city close to frankfurt and i am too. funny!
again, her and i, we met up in we both happened to be there at the same time. funny pictures that we took in front of the "cristo". doing a� where any other person would simply spread out their arms in unison with the monument itself.

nice to every now and then reminisce about those days!
brabo, my best whishes from germany.
heike, um grande abra�o pra voc�.

com muito ax�,

cobra cega
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