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  Topic: Edinburgh Training Groups?
  2007-07-03 23:20:21
Hi Guys
Does anyone know the groups training in Edinburgh?
I'm there for all of August and so far have found 2: Mestre Chamines posse above where I used to work which would be my first choice as its handy or Mestre Gatos?
I just want to know if they're friendly and have any style or lineage affiliations to us.
  2007-07-08 23:16:34
Hi, I've been studying is Scotland since last September and I was mainly training with the senzala Scotland group in Glasgow. The main group is based in Edinburgh and was mainly taught by Marcelo who got his blue belt in last December. He is a really good and energetic professor, but I think he is moving to France soon and I don't know what happens after that. It is contra mestre Pedro's group (he is mestre Gatos son), but nowadays Pedro lives in Cambridge so he's not there that often. I don't know what't your style, but at least in Glasgow it depends on who is teaching. Marcelo's classes were normally higher and faster game, and then when for example mestre Gato comes it's lower and more tricky.

My group here in Finland is mestre Samara's group and compared to our group the group in Edinburgh plays generally faster and higher game.

Then there is an angola group ( http://www.maonochao.org/ ) which seems to be nice, they just started a class in Glasgow few weeks before I moved back to Finland.

I am moving to Auckland on next week, so if someone from there is reading this see you soon :).
  2007-09-07 08:33:25

Its a good class
Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays, also at the Edinburgh Leisure Centres, Marcelo isnt going til next year i don't think!
He is a great theacher, I know he prefers Angola to Regional but he teaches a mix..with more regional.
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