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  Topic: Merchandise styles
  2006-04-04 23:17:20
Hello all

As I am away and won�t be back in time for the encounter or the weekends rodas. Is there any way I could be sent a little Aotearoa Capoeira merchandise? I would be happy to exchange money for goods, lets say a DVD, a Beirra Mar CD and some way of getting another t-shirt. The ones I have are a bit stinky after all this time. I know this is a bit to ask but well you just can�t get that stuff on Amazon you know.

See ya later
Lagosta (Alex the girl, the first. Ex pat currently in Spain)
  2006-04-05 08:15:26
Oi Senorita Lagosta,

nice to hear yo representin. Suggest you contact they purveyor of Brabo's Bazaar directly. However you also highlight the need to get the internet shop up and running, if only for not so EX-pats like yourself. We'll miss you @ encounter sis.

  2006-04-06 06:39:32
Sweet Bro

Good to hear that plans are afoot to take over the world. I might try the man himself after the event. I am getting the vibe that he might be a little busy at the moment.

Have a good encounter see yo ass in da roda.

  2006-04-06 10:38:58
Hey Lagosta

You know I'm good to get straight on to these things!! I'll do my best, just keep up the pressure.

  2006-05-11 21:58:28
Alright I know that Easter went wonderfully and you are probably still basking in a glow of wonder and sore muscles but I just thought I would ask about the chances of getting stuff sent to overseas locations, like my flat for instance.

I just think that more than a year in the same tshirt isn�t fair to my fellow capoeiristas.

Let me know what I gotta do and I will find a way.

Tchau for now
  2006-05-13 12:18:33
I can send you stuff and I guarantee you will receive it. Only problem just now is I am in the UK but if you e-mail me direct, I will send you the stuff when I get back to Wellington in a couple of weeks. Otherwise, keep your pressure on the Professor, you may get your merchandise sooner ...
  2006-05-16 20:15:10
So tell me lady, where are you and for how long? Tanya and I had a chat and decided that we would do our darndest to see you. But we have no details, is that a hint?
I will try Brabo again but will happily take up your offer if things can not be brought direct.
See you round like a risole
  2006-05-17 12:54:41
"See you round like a risole"... that's a good one Lagosta. I see you aint lost your wit. And me, I haven't lost my ability to be a bit useless when it comes to taking care of much beloved students abroad. I will try try try... Loving island life, by the way. Hope things are cool. B
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