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  Topic: Capoeira Hamilton feedback.
  2006-04-06 18:58:20
Hey this is to get feedback from Hamilton people for what day of the week suits best to have the public classes
(Commencing after Easter)

Note: Mondays and Thursdays are excluded as the University Rec centre classes are those nights.
Wednesdays are also going to be the nights that we will have the Gymnastic class once a month, starting shortly after the public classes.

Thank you

  2006-04-06 21:37:52
Tuesday's logical, followed by Sunday. Am not ruling out the other days though :) [how's that for a decision?!]
  2006-04-10 15:57:13
Tuesdays and fridays are good 0 0
  Natty dread
  2006-04-20 17:44:59
Any day is good for me, except for weekends as i go away a lot. Earlier classes would be better though, starting at 6-ish. Cheers!!
  2006-04-21 09:59:53
Yea Tuesdays or thursdays would be good. Fridays people are always busy. There would definately be more people turning up on a Sunday or tuesday.
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