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  Topic: Brazil Trip 2008
  2007-08-20 23:51:15
I am starting to plan a trip to Brazil next August and thought I would find out if there is anyone else keen to join me. August was the chosen month as there is a big fest ?around Bahia weekend 16th/17th. I will research flights/accom/contacts/festival on my return next week.
Also my Mestre here in Edinburgh has fully inspired me to learn Portugese so does anyone have a recommended teacher in Auckland they know of?
  2007-08-21 23:38:37
oh heaps of aroha for you girl...do you know how hard it is to find someone up there who doesnt speak jafa?

  2007-08-22 15:34:09
hey rachel i could be keen to join you.
  2007-08-22 17:14:32
I could be keen, it all depends on whether I find a decent job in april that will pay me enough that I can live like a student for 4 months and save enough to finance it, lol. If I can do that, then possibly, otherwise, I dunno. But if it turns into a big group trip then I'm totally keen :D I'll find a way...
  2007-09-03 16:57:27
dont balive me
  2007-09-05 21:58:09
hey rach you still keen for brazil?
  2007-09-10 22:48:01
My plan if I get enough interest is to set up a account from the branch bank account to save enough to finiance a trip with weekly APs. Everyone pays the same amount and travels over there to get settled by 17th Aug for Carnival.
If enough people are keen then I'll investigate flights/accom/folk we know already there etc. I'm going anyway but a few people mentioned they're feeling a trip too so speak up and lets plan!
  2007-09-16 21:39:03
oi ...im saving my mulla to travel to Brazil to, exp that my mulla is in Yen, he he. My plans are to travel over around august/septemper...so maybe i see you there ha! good luck saving ya pennys
  2007-09-17 17:54:17
im heading back for an undetermined amount of time next year,b nice to see some local folks over there yea!
  2007-09-18 17:48:45
vamos vajiar juntos!! im down like a paliaso for brasil in 08. I keen to b there quite a while, maybe after spend some time in Buenos Aires workin on my Tango action, but that is secondary to Brasil. Rachel, u in aux so wen i get back from this trip, around the axe weekend lets chat it up aye! Rastinha!! cheers again for the DVD, gave it to Mestra who loved it. Hope u enjoyin the quilombo and catchya soon....
  2007-09-18 17:55:24
uma coisa meior....i may leave around the beginning of the NZ winter to escape the rain and cold and get a firm footing on learning portuguese in a university over there. Kelvin suggested its the best and cheapest way to learn, as its costly to do lesson after lesson in NZ paying at least 15bux a go, when u can be immersed in Brasil for much much less, and even stay wit a host family or brasilieros keen to work on english. Win win i say. Id stil be there for august tho 4sho!
  2007-09-24 10:53:41
My mum is a portuguese teacher. Her name is Tania and number 524 5383 or 0275035234.

I might make it to homeland with you peeps also....

  2007-09-28 10:32:45
Most of my 'Brasil fund' has been squandered on moving back to the UK but I still hope to get out there sometime in the next year or so. Flights are probably cheaper form the UK too. It would certainly be great to catch up with some CMAs in Brasil.
  2007-09-28 22:23:12
  2007-10-04 09:54:08
Are you guys off to Salvador by any chance?

Let's see if you guys are around those ways...Has anyone given any thought to putting a house together around that time, its seems during june and july there are less tourists and the weather is a bit cooler...just as a thought...i heard you can get a relatively cheap house in Cidade Baixa and there's some great capoeira down there too...
  2007-10-05 11:49:44
Hi. I'm from Brazil but have been living in NZ since jan 2006. I see you guys are planning to visit Brazil at some stage so thought it would be cool to show you this website: www.braziltour.com

Hope it helps:)
  2007-10-05 12:27:39
id be keen, i been there in 2005 and miss it sooooooo much.
  2007-10-05 16:45:11
Have a look at this site:


It's very cool!
   M Vivo
  2007-10-06 13:34:14
Heard Phil Gough (nz minister of defence?) talking on BFM about setting up working holiday visas like to the UK between NZ in Brasil at "some point" in 2008. Here's hoping.
  2007-11-07 08:51:37
Houses can be pretty cheap in Salvador. The house we were staying in was going to cost I think 300 reais a month for 4 bedrooms, and it was a pretty big house. When we started out, it was costing 150 per bedroom because it was being sublet by a woman for carnaval, but then she left Salvador and the landlord offered it to us directly for the lower price. At that time though we didn't have enough people to fill it. This was in Barbalho, a safe neighbourhood 15 minutes walk from Santo Antonio.

Oh man, saudade :D
  2007-12-18 12:36:45
1pnxnmk1nrhij8 http://www.355605.com/456134.html oz5yvg8pok3
  2007-12-18 12:36:45
ghp0uiq7b http://www.342600.com/776255.html wz42u68xtizebz
  2007-12-18 12:36:47
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  2007-12-18 12:36:47
ghp0uiq7b zbwnljpwc wz42u68xtizebz
  2007-12-21 14:55:43
5p0fikb9g15821 http://www.417563.com/706756.html 9hfachbwsc1nk0fq
  2007-12-21 14:55:45
onzd373td144k http://www.383607.com/982075.html 8k1jeg9q
  2007-12-21 14:55:46
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  2007-12-21 14:55:47
onzd373td144k 2tkoda53b4ons 8k1jeg9q
  2007-12-21 14:55:51
i8zpo13b4am8pmd http://www.274719.com/224951.html gtcsnm6us83m1io
  2007-12-21 14:55:54
i8zpo13b4am8pmd 2ok7l89v gtcsnm6us83m1io
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