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  Topic: Beginner's questions
  2007-09-27 17:16:52
Hey, i'm thinking about starting Capoeira and I have a few questions. I'm 15 - should I go to the kids' classes or the beginner's block courses? I might be 16 by the time I can start, so I was thinking maybe the block course.

Also, I'm not very fit or flexible - will that be a major problem or do the courses start slow enough that I can develop fitness and flexibility as I go along? Does anyone have recommendations for good exercises to prepare, because it looks like you use different muscles and stuff for capoeira compared to most sports.
  2007-09-27 23:56:36
When I first started, we did a lot of yoga, and I found it was really useful for flexibility. Pilates is good for your mid-section and back, which you can injure quite easily when you first start out when you are trying to gain some control.
  2007-09-28 06:03:52
Hey Anna starting a beginners block should be fine for you.
The point of the beginners block is to get people like yourself used to the range of movements we use in Capoeira.
It is true that quite a few movements in Capoeira are quite unique to Capoeira; but through repeatition your body should become more comfortable with them. The advice Maximus has given however is good and would deffinately compliment your range of movement in Capoeira.
Keep in mind that you are not expected to perform more advanced movements when you are just beginning.
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