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  Topic: Parkour
  2007-10-06 12:19:34
Hey there,

Have been doin a bit of readin on parkour and am interested in taking up classes in the original 'David Belle' philosophy style. Am livin in Auckland and was wonderin whether anyone knew of classes? Also would I need to get myself to a reasonable level of fitness before I began?
If anyone has any answers I would very much appreciate some leads.
  2007-10-06 14:52:48
Hmmm It would be odd for me to go looking for info on capoeira at a karate forum, or even about hockey classes when the site I am looking at is about basketball or something... If you wanted info about parkour try google... I just did and came up with 1510 results including this link...

however if you wanted to know or ask about capoeira, you are in the right place...

Jumping off buildings is a requisite for starting parkour... so you better get practising... like this guy...

Thanks... have a nice day
  2007-10-07 14:57:41
Good point.

Did a google search but it brought this site up as a link as I think parkour was mentioned in a conversation strain.

None the less point taken. Thanks for the lead.

Nice day to you as well
  2007-10-09 18:46:12
Have you ever considered there are martial artists that do more than one art mandingueiro? ...There's no need to be such a gimp about it...
  2007-10-09 22:21:50
Lol. wot is parkour? is it a martial art?
  2007-10-09 22:24:35
Never mind. i just found out wot it is lol laters
  2007-10-10 03:59:57
Hmmm...I guess if you consider capoeira to be a martial art then o.k.

I don't think that is the point that he is making though.

You could probably learn alot about capoeira from going fishing rather than picking up a new martial art.
  2007-10-10 11:22:14
In the old times, capoeira was used as a way of defence and attack by african slaves in Brazil.
I don't know if I see it as a martial art....it could be as capoeira is not only about dance but fight as well. The music that makes capoeira unique and different from other martial arts. The music says it all. There wouldn't be capoeira without music.
If you do karate and want to learn capoeira probably wouldn't be hard as it means you already have flexibility in your body but remember, capoeira is totally different. It's about dance, fight, mind and body. It's a way of life:)
  sabe mais
  2007-10-10 13:45:39
yeah mandingueiro, i agree with Harpo, you've got an attitude problem, let Rosy ask whatever she want's to ask, go on Rosy ask more if you want.
  2007-10-10 14:24:46
Clo's Boyfriend in Wellington is really good at parkour.
  2007-10-10 16:42:54
Capoeira draws on may aspects of life as does parkor. Parkor was developed by a martial artists and so was capoeira in its orginal form. Call capoeira what you want, but I still think this is the right kind of place to ask that question.
  2007-10-10 22:31:39
Capoeira was developed by martial artist arrrhhhh yeah whateva...

Rosy you are stirring good debate here...let see what everyone thinks...I feel that mostly everyone has raised valuable points...
  2007-10-11 14:19:32
name the martial artist who developed angola if this is what you speek of in its 'original form?

you dont know what your talking about,cai fora!
  2007-10-11 14:26:57
I'm not an expert in capoeira but I know it was Pastinha who created angola...if i'm right..
  Ha ha
  2007-10-11 14:37:29
Does anyone know where I can find Morris Dancing classes?
  2007-10-11 16:57:16
Don't know what I'm talking about? What about Zambi and his crew?
  2007-10-11 18:46:37
what about zambi? you still dont know what your talking about!
  2007-10-12 08:39:00
From what I understand zumbi (sorry my pervious spelling mistake) used capoeira in their resistance as a weapon(http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Zumbi). If you actually know something try sharing it rather than blowing on.
  2007-10-12 13:15:54
"To affirm that Capoeira is a Brazilian native art form without African influence is absurd. To pretend that Capoeira came from Africa already formed and was used as a self defense by runaway slaves against their captors is to jump to improbable conclusions. First of all, capoeira is a unique art form not found in any other geographical region outside Brasil, including African nations, countries like Portugal, the US, or any of the Caribbean nations that also exploited African slave labor. Other forms of African rooted cultural expression, such as jazz, blues and limbo dancing, were engendered in these countries, but not capoeira. Secondly, Capoeira historically is an urban phenomenon, and no records exist to document it's use in the Quilombos, or elsewhere outside of the cities and its surroundings. Third...

**even the most efficient Capoeira or other martial art technique doesn't not work against bullet and swords, so that runaway slaves would have had a better chance against their persecutors with spears, arrows and other weapons, than with empty hands and feet. From a fighter's point of view, it is impossible to defeat a musketeer with chained hands and martial arts movements.**

Almeida, Bira , 1986-
Capoeira, a Brazilian art form. p.20-21
North Atlantic books, California

I think the quote from this book sums a-lot of the assumptions made in this forum, although the book was written by the famous Mestre Acordeon, it also doesn't acknowledge the possibilities like the Caribbean art form called Ag'ya and such, which then all throws another door into the open pool of historical theories and possibilities.

BTW... Mestre Pastinha was only a major influence to capoeira, he didn't create it, and nor did Mestre Bimba or Zumbi...

People should research and read up on information ... If you ask people directly and through forums you will only get sifted and opinionated information, it's far better to look for things from a variety of sources (and not just the internet either) than to just ask and expect information to be handed to you.
Maybe people aren't used to thinking for themselves...

  2007-10-12 17:03:42
Morris dance classes are held every Wednesday night at the Bar and brasserie on Patterson ave at 8pm after the Texan toe shuffling classes and before jazzercycling
  Ha ha
  2007-10-12 17:33:20
Jazzcycling; now there's a deadly martial art if ever I saw one!
  2007-10-12 18:07:14
Pastinha didn't create capoeira. What I wanted to say was that he was the most important master of capoeira angola (traditional capoeira), if not the father of it.
Nobody is affirming that capoeira has no african influences. Everyboy knows it was developed by Africans and their descendants, enslaved on Brazil's vast sugar and coffee plantations. If it arrived with enslaved africans or if they refined it once in Brazil I don't know.
It was a homogenization of African people in Brazil under the oppression of slavery and emerged as a way to resist oppression, secretly practice art, transmit culture.
I don't even know why we're discussing about it. It's just ridiculous. This is a forum to talk and learn more about capoeira.
  2007-10-12 22:19:43
thankyou harpo,i was about to assume you meant ZUMBI instead of zambi but thought maybe you stumbled across a warrior who predated even Zumbi himself.

I wouldnt be hasty in saying i was blowing m8.think of it as...i placed a kick and had you cornered and was waiting for your answer!

But are you gonna stand up and tell them historians who squable over this question that?

lets shake hands and end this game bro/sis.
  2007-10-13 09:01:09
There are some interesting points here. I guess its a more romantic philosophical view that somehow capoeira will make people able to bring down 'the man'.

I think this is going to be on of those topics like religion that you can never really totally prove or disprove any view point unless someone has a time machine lying around....
  mad dingo
  2007-10-13 09:08:51
so.... where can I find parkour classes?
  2007-10-15 06:05:45
Mad Dingo, there's a link for some classes in Greymouth if that helps????

Just to clarify, Mestre Pastinha formalised alot of things in capoeira angola, like creating the identification cards for various types of treinels, (bateira, Mestre Boca Rica and Mestre Gato Preto, movement Mestre Joao Grande etc...) He also formailsed the Bateria, three berimbaus, two pandeiro, agogo etc.

Previous to this capoeira generally was associated with gangs and the Maltas of Rio, or on the cais da bahia as being a vagabonds occupation or form of vajiacao among other things, that took place in in an unformalised environment .

So, as I understand he kinda wanted to give capoeira the credibility he thought it deserved. He did this by creating an academy and creating a controlled environment, in which he sought to pass both the art, game and dance of the angoleiro but above all a set of values.

He may have not been the first to do this, although he was particularly successful and the media seemed to like him, maybe because of his good image. Jorge Amado wrote amicably about him saying that he was a really nice guy and even being old could, derrubar his students with a smile on face.

From some of the stuff I have heard and read it looks like he had great relations with the general public and the local authorities as he and his students conveyed a reputable image of capoeira that the public/tourists seemingly enjoyed.

He taught his students to be, 'honourable and just, this is the angolian way'.

Blah blah blah.

  2007-10-15 09:16:24
Sorry to be a geek, I thought the above would be helpful.

geek, geek , geek ....

For more readiong check this out.


The author wrote this book

Capoeira. The History of an Afro-Brazilian Martial Art. (London & New York: Routledge, 2005).

Otherwise enjoy...Peace out.

  2007-10-15 09:59:24
I don't think you're a geek. It's always nice to hear what people have to say about capoeira and share their interests:)
It would be nice to do the same about Brazil. Not many people know much about it but because of Capoeira and other things people are talking more about Brazil.
  Tiago "Clos partner"
  2007-10-18 12:41:52
Hi! I do parkour for about 3 years. I started in Brazil before came to New Zealand. Parkour is a sport/art that develops your mind and body at the same time.
If you want to know more about it check it on www.leparkouraotearoa.skyrock.com to get some information.
Our website is in portuguese www.leparkourbrasil.com.br

We have a small group here in wellington and I believe there are more people around new zealand doing parkour.

Official Website - www.parkour.net
  2007-10-18 17:41:34
Shot Tiago
Good stuff bro. Represent Welli parkour
As far as all the other random shit everyone is writing.
Dont think you should all be so fucking sensitive about this chick asking questions about pakour on this forum.
Just either answer the question, Direct her to more info or shut the fuck up.
All this talk of Roots of capoeira has been done and dusted a million times over.
I laugh at you fools that talk that history shit as if your better then averyone else.
Parkour is awesome and in this day in age Capoeira has alot of different associations both to parkour and other new forms such as tricking and breaking.
You capoeira fools think you know everything.
This is because of the people that practice these different forms today.

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