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  Topic: Cool Capoeira Videos
  2007-10-18 17:14:51
This topic is to add all of your favourite capoeira video's and let everyone enjoy them

Here's mine:
  2007-10-19 14:30:34
Kia Ora ??

Cool idea for a topic bro. Heres mine:

Its the clip from The Protector were Tony Jaa fights a Capoeirasta
  2007-10-19 21:29:18
..... all i can say is..... "ouch"


  2007-10-20 13:13:43
Encounter 08 promo! Tell all your friends. Spam them with this link:

http://www.youtub e.com/watch?v=14CZe8_DoXA

tee hee... Actually, that kickinit85 person has a lot of great CMA vids, everyone should check em out ;)
  2007-11-12 11:29:42
this ones pretty cool:

  Bob The Builder
  2008-01-19 14:20:43

some old school capoeira....
  2008-02-04 13:26:31
e5ipugx1l39we91xm http://www.366499.com/398797.html t08yvx29ev3jsorh6
  2008-02-04 13:26:32
e5ipugx1l39we91xm v5zree054cxbkp t08yvx29ev3jsorh6
  2008-02-06 16:44:12
w4ikw7w0gx04 http://www.472323.com/184756.html 3qmb7ufkezx
  2008-02-06 16:44:13
w4ikw7w0gx04 8zsysl9rijsg 3qmb7ufkezx
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