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  Topic: Mestre Bola Sete article
  2007-10-30 13:59:52
hi guys

just in case you haven't come across this in your capoeira fueled interweb journeys, here is a really good article filled with all sort of tidbitty bits of wisdom (yes tidBITTY)

http://www.thisbusinessofdanceandmusic.com/Articles-Mestre_Bola _Sete_Capoeira.htm


- cosmo
  2007-12-18 12:36:28
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  2007-12-18 12:36:28
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  2007-12-18 12:36:30
m1e91g4f5ce4kjdgr 61dbcfcbkjfh7gtyo 1km8yi29vxybh45dl
  2007-12-18 12:36:30
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  2007-12-31 22:40:03
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  2007-12-31 22:40:05
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  2008-02-04 13:27:12
ll782g7639 http://www.1084893.com/733807.html ugz67d4n6p
  2008-02-04 13:27:13
ll782g7639 jabquk9br6e1 ugz67d4n6p
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