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  Topic: berimbau
  2007-11-17 21:17:24
Can some one tell me where i can go to buy a Berimbau or Atabaque. I live in Ham, Thanks
  2007-11-22 12:31:20
Bro I would be keen to score a second hand berimbau and/or atabaque aswell. Anyone got a spare they wanna sell?
  2007-11-27 10:34:22
hey guys, not sure if you are on the national mailing list but yan just posted this yesterday! you can email him on [email protected]

Hi all,

Mestre Virgilio(and Maybe Mestre Roxinho) are coming to NZ next week for our ax� wekend/Batizado in Mt Manganui. They have some Berimbaus here in Australia and they can bring some to NZ to sell at the event.
Roxinho was't intending to bring many, maybe just a couple, but if there is definately some interest for more he will bring more.
If you would like to buy one let me know quickly so I can arrange for him to bring more if necessary.
I am not sure exactly what the price in NZ dollars will be, but here
in OZ, gungas: 130, Medio:120, Viola: 110.


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