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  Topic: Regional and starting again next year!
  2007-11-21 19:48:31
So i've recently decided to apply for Victoria uni which means ill be moving to Wellington next year (i currently live in Pukekohe).
I trained capoeira for about 7 months last year while i lived in Brasilia and im so keen to get back into it as its sucked having to stop training because of my location. We mostly focused on Regional over there, so just wondering if theres much of a focus on it here, or is it more Angola orientated? I did learn a bit of Angola, but i gotta say, im alot more confident in the Regional style..and i find it much more exciting..

basically i wanted to know, is this club right for me?! :D

cheers guys
  2007-12-03 14:06:04
I'd say that our capoeira is more Angola oriented but come along and see for yourself, you might like it, if not then you haven't really lost anything, right?
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