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  Topic: Capoeira??
  2006-04-18 18:12:43
I'd really like to try capoeira but I am quite flexible and am wondering if that would be a bad thing? How fit should a person be?
  2006-04-18 23:04:01

You should come along for sure. Flexibility is GOOD for Capoeira, really useful. And as for how fit you should be, there's no particular answer. You'll find out once you come along that there's a whole bunch of different types of fit when it comes to this stuff. Anyone can try it, and it's a great way to get fitter. There's no hard and fast you have to be this fit or be able to do this or whatever. As long as you're keen and willing to learn and have fun, you'll be sweet :).
  2006-04-19 14:54:40
Hi Erika

There will be a beginners block course starting in a couple of weeks, end of April. If you're interested we can send you the details, just e-mail... <[email protected]>
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