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  Topic: Virgilio Lyrics meu amor
  2007-12-14 15:33:11
Does any one know the lyrics for "nos samos da mesmo escola" on the Virgilio CD? It's such a nice refrain
"Nos samos a nossa escola
Cantamos com alegria
a tudos os vistantes Bom Dia Bom Dia
O mestre e Virgilio. O mestre da Morao. .
The bit i really like is "oh meu amor...
mm I can only catch bits of it
  2007-12-18 12:35:26
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  2007-12-18 12:35:27
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  2007-12-18 12:35:28
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  2007-12-18 12:35:28
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  2007-12-18 18:23:17
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