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  Topic: Starting capoeira
  2007-12-17 17:30:04
Hi guys, I'm thinking of starting Capoeira next year when I move to hamilton to live and I was wondering if having a background in other asian martial arts helps?

Eg. I have a black belt in a form of karate and am currently doing another korean martial art but Capoeira looks quite a bit different lol.

How much capoeira can you learn in a beginners block class!? I'm dying to be able to do all the crazy things I see on videos on the net but it looks like it would take years to do that stuff, I can't even do a back flip lol. What kinda expectations should I have?
  White cordell
  2007-12-27 21:25:32
I started capoeira under Mestre Lazaro about five months ago. I got interested in it just like you, but I never did any martial arts before.
I observed that capoeiristas who have done karate and tae kwan do, etc. have trouble starting because Asian martial arts dont usually flow like Capoeira. There is a lot of upper body work so if you go to the gym, focus on abs, shoulder, obliques, and quads(for the jenga).
Also, (someone give me a nice swift Chapeu de couro if I am wrong), Capoeira is about outsmarting the other person while still being a good sportsman. For example: you attack with a Queixada (crecent kick) and pull out early and use the opportunity of the other person dodging the wrong kick by giving him a nice martelo (roundhouse) in the other direction you have won without taking a long time to do it. It is not about wearing out the other person(boxing), or breaking the most pieces of wood. You dont fight another person in a roda, rather "play" them.

Any more inputs guys? or did I hit the nail on the head?
  2007-12-29 22:47:44
I did kick boxing before I got into Capoeira and it is different (esp. Angola) different us of muscles, but same brain functions! I think if your use to training you body to move out of the norm then you'll be sweet. If you�re into Portuguese, music and singing as well as dancing and tricks then Capoeira you will like. As for the flips and things, other students can help you out with that.....also going to a gymnasium and getting tips from acrobats will help for the flips, cartwheels, rolls. Lots of basic movements can flow into the tricks�just ask Feiticeiro! And as for how much you will learn�.that depends on how much your train!

Rastinha is a wonderful example! I�m rather scared to see how good she�s is when I come back! Gulp!
  2007-12-31 10:55:38
Hey thanks for the info guys, realy helpfull.
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