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  Topic: Calling all Capoeiristas in New Plymouth
  2007-12-18 18:21:55
Hey Callado (or whoever else)
Any capoeiristas be around in New Plymouth or any classes? between 6th and 11th ish of January? I�ll be around there on my way to parihaka. Be cool to play some capoeira with y�ll
Let me know

  2007-12-18 18:47:13
Hey Graciosa, there prob won't be any classes on arrount then, but i can try and organise a roda in town sometime.
I'll get back 2 u soon.
  2007-12-19 14:12:05
Oi graciosa, I'll be in NP from this saturday til the 13th. We've got a teachers camp on the 9th and 10th before Parihaka, but we can fully catch up and train and have a roda or something before then, maybe during, and yeah. There'll be a whole crew from the 9th. And if you want somewhere to stay, everyone is crashing/camping at my parents' house in Okato (real close to Parihaka) so yeah. Give me a buzz if you wanna sort something: banahnah -at- gmail.com

Yeeeahh!!! So gonna be like the coolest capoeira week of my life, hehe, and at my house :)
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