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  Topic: Uniform? and what class to attend?
  2006-04-24 17:48:33
Hey all, sorry about this question just im really interested in joining your classes, im 14 and have done a little ninjitsu and karate beforehand and am just wondering what class would be best suited for me, kids or beginner?
and also what to wear?

  2006-04-25 13:28:38
Hey Bro!
What city are you living in? I think your question could be answered best if we knew where you are so that we could see what options are available from that center

  2006-04-26 13:31:20
Oh sorry man, i live in wellington.
thanks again.
  2006-04-26 14:18:57
If you want to try out the kid's class it's on every Tuesday 5pm at Thistle Hall, top of Cuba St. There's a good chance though you'll be able to fit into the adult beginners class which is right after at 6pm, so you should try that out.
Wear comfortable pants and t-shirt, not baggy, with trainers

  2006-04-26 15:31:59
Cool man,
I'm not from Wellington so I guess I couldnt really tell you which class would suit.
If you still have your karate Gi pants or something, those and a regular t-shirt should be sweet as uniform for now I guess.
Hope that helps...Good luck dude!
  2006-04-26 15:34:15
I guess I should of refreshed the page before typing in my reply...
You are faster than me at typing Tucano... hehe
  2006-04-26 20:04:07
took you over an hour to type that camara...? must be delayed recovery time from your b-day roda ay
  2006-04-26 22:35:33
Hey, just wondering How to get a hold of some abada pants.
White.Do you guys have them for sale @ the mount classes?
Thinking of joining.We live in Rotorua but are keen to do
the travels monday and thursday.Please let me know your
prices (if yous have any)..

  2006-04-26 23:27:55
Thanks and i didnt get a gi for karate, but i had 1 for ninjitsu. the adult classes would be better.
but what are 'abuda pants'? would those happen to be the pants that are in most of the photos? if so then i would to like to know where and how much you can get them.

Thanks bro.
  2006-04-27 00:59:42
Well yeah it did take me an hour to finish typing that, I had minimised it after recieving a stream of e-mails and typing other things...
Shows my procrastination skills put to use... But at least I can multi task. :-p

There are capoeira uniforms (pants and t-shirts) available for sale at most of the centres... Just enquire with someone at the class and they should be able to help you out.
For Mount Maunganui you may need to contact Arrainha Ceu to see if he has got Abada in stock...
Does that help?

  2006-04-27 01:03:37
... oh and if Arrainha Ceu (Simon) hasnt got any or specific sizes you could contact Brabo to arrange something from Brabo's Bazzar.
  Arranha Ceu
  2006-04-27 14:12:43
Hi Lateef,

I am the instructor for the Mount group. It would be cool to have you come over. The classes are 5 per class casual or if you become a annual member (60/yr) the classes are 3. I have a few Capoeira pants but if none are the right size or colour I can get more sent down to me from our Auckland branch. If you want to know anything else feel free to give me a call 021 534598.
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