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  Topic: Some greetings from Austria
  Raposa do Norte
  2008-01-15 02:20:47
Oi gente!!

A while ago, we came to Wellington without knowing anyone. About a week after our arrival, we went to our first Capoeira class. The people there, especially Quindim, Pinga Fogo and Zigue Zague welcomed us with open arms. For us, this was the beginning of a great time with all the people from Capoeira Mandinga Aotearoa.

We had heaps of great trainings thanks to Ziggy, Pinga and Cl�, who thought us a lot. But the classes wouldn�t have been the same without all the other great people there like Centrado, Platinado, Belisco, Guela, SoSegado, and all the others!

We had great fun and a fantastic time with you! Capoeira is alive in Aotearoa.

We don`t want to thank only the Capoeira crowd in Wellington, but also the guys from all the other groups. Our special thanks goes to Mestre Brabo for letting us participate in his great group. His energy, which he gave to us on the Ax� weekends and Encounters, was amazing.

We learned a lot from every single one of you, we enjoyed our time so much and �

We miss you heaps!

Sapina, Sabi� e Raposa
  2008-01-23 21:36:00
We all miss you heaps too! And we have to thank you as well, having you 3 at our rodas and classes lifted things a lot.

Come back and play again soon!
  2008-02-06 16:46:08
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  2008-02-06 16:46:09
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