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  Topic: The Ax� is building!!!!!!!!!!
  2006-04-28 13:06:33
Ok peeps.
Not only is are there going to be top notch classes to attend at the Auckand Ax� Weekend but the party is shaping up to be a big one!
With not 1 but 2 brazilian percussion bands (AK Samba & Samba Maracana).
So be there!
  2006-04-28 17:48:01
w00t :P
  2006-04-29 00:58:24
Hence the title of this message topic....
It's looking like there should also be a decent turn out of Hamilton capoeirista's for Ax'e weekend! Really looking forward to it!
  2006-05-01 02:00:09
Welcome to the Hamilton massive!
  2006-05-04 12:33:08
Looks like DJ Bobby Brazuka is also confirmed to play the Ax� party.
There might even be the odd unannounced performance.
It's going to be held at Galatos nightclub so its bound to be big!
Taciano Milfont (from AK Samba) has decided he wants in too; because it's his birthday and he is contributing greatly to the night ..... so I just wanted to give him a shout out.
It just keeps getting better!
The Poster will be up on the site soon.
  2006-05-05 10:06:26
One more thing. Make sure you let all your friends know about the Party Ax� Bacana at Galatos. Word of mouth is the best form of advertising after all.
It's 5 on the door for anyone who is not paying for the full Ax� Weekend experience.

Lets make this a party to remember!
  2006-05-11 10:31:56
Wasn't sure which board to pin this to BUT...
Is it possible for the opening roda to be held back about an hour to allow us Hamzters time enough to get there and be a part of it all?
  2006-05-11 14:17:47
saludo a todos los capoeira
  2006-05-11 14:40:12
Hey Arco what time are you Hamzters arriving?
Are you not going to be at the Ax� Weekend workshops?
  2006-05-11 15:03:48
Its tomorrow night :0)

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