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  Topic: Across the ditch...
  2008-08-07 22:22:47

I'm just curious to know whether there will be any peopleplaning to visit the encoutner in australia later on this year??? It's not that far away....let mw know if you have thoughts
  ra maluko
  2008-08-08 15:33:13
is that Mestre Peixe's event?
  2008-08-08 20:51:18
Nah it'll be Mester Roxinho's event in december 2008 19-23 of november i think...
  2008-08-10 09:57:35
You been out of the loop too long!

  2008-08-10 10:39:01
  2008-08-11 07:24:46
ho ho ho
  2008-08-11 21:27:47
Hey Ra, did you manage to get sorted for a trip to Brasil in the end?
  ra maluko
  2008-08-11 23:29:07
yeah going with my mate and his wife (who's from brazil) they said they're keen as to show me hw things roll over there. and yes i've been out of the mandinga loop for ages.
  2008-08-12 02:15:30
sweet as man, loops aside, I'm glad as that you going to head out, when are you off?
  ra maluko
  2008-08-12 02:30:33
they're going next year, june i think. so i'm tagging along then should be real good
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