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  Topic: Amarrando o berimbau...
  2008-09-05 15:58:54

... is pretty tough. If it hadn't been pointed out to me early on that the berimbau is training *me* by resisting so much, I'd have punched a wall by now.

In other news, I've been teaching myself Portuguese for the past few weeks, and if anyone would help me practice on here, that'd be sweet.

Or, if anyone wants to train with me, muito melhor! I won't hold my breath, though. Hamilton's capoeira community seems to be pretty small right now, aside from Ra's class.

Tamb�m, eu estou novo aqui, Ol�!

  2008-09-07 11:09:38

Nossa, two days and no response. Guess these forums aren't frequented so often? Ah well.

At least I have my arrogant berimbau to help me train?
  not a spam robot
  2008-09-09 00:09:02
It not you, bro; it's those spam robots on the forum that drove everyone away. The berimbau is a hard but fair friend.
  2008-09-09 10:57:36
Yeah, by the looks of it this forum could use a register-to-post system pretty bad.
  2008-09-09 20:16:49
See if you get soem old capoeira music like bimba, traira, the stuff with the raw funk and play heaps of sao bento grande de angola, if played properly it's acutally quite a dynamic instrument, it depends on how it is played and what it is accompanied with.
  2008-09-09 20:55:14
Ah yeah, I got plenty of songs I'm itching to learn, and I would be practicing every day for hours if I was able to.

The problem is that I can't string it up just right yet. I can't get enough tension in it. Well, I can, but whenever I wrap around the arame the first time I lose just enough of it to ruin the sound.

I hope I figure this out soon; it's depressing to not be able to practice proper.
  2008-09-10 05:35:05
yeah, trying to string it up is the lesson at the moment and there no need to string it up too tight, but you'll find your way...you'll be learning everything through the process of doing what you are doing at the moment...
  2008-09-10 10:20:54
Yeah, these forums have been spammed to hell... And there is in fact a nice, good looking, fully functional register-and-sign-in board on the members site just waiting for more people to register... So if you're a member get in touch with your branch rep. And if you're not.. Why aren't you?! You're missing out! Hehe.
  2008-09-10 11:19:43
I can't really tell if these are the names you guys usually go by or you're just making them up for kicks, but hey, thanks for the words of encouragement.

There isn't any branch in Hamilton atm, as far as I know. I'll probably become a member sometime next year, when/if I begin Uni in Christchurch.

(FYI, the members button up top there takes me to a broken page of the website)
  2008-09-10 20:41:57
O deus! Ra, since when do Capoeiristas get illnesses?!

I kid, but seriously, it's a sad week when I can't get my capoeira fix. :/

Well, time for another week of solo training.
  ra maluko
  2008-09-10 21:59:51
lol real sorry galen. for the past 3 nights i've had fevers, crazy headaches and 2 make things worse i've been forced to watch shortland street and home and away. its been driving me up the wall AAAaaHHhhhhhHh!!!!!!!! lol i assure you that training will be back to normal next week. which reminds me if your keen we'll have train on thurs night as well, if any1 else is keen then they can come to. probably do it at les mills or uni rec centre maybe?
  2008-09-11 13:10:14
So no capoeira *and* soap operas... a fate worse than death. Get well bro!

Oh and totally, I'd always be up for some more training.

  2008-09-23 09:32:43
The link is broken because this site is now *only* this forum, for posterity's sake. You need to go to www.capoeira.org.nz to get to the proper website
  2008-10-24 12:56:47
it should be noted that you can be anywhere in the world and be a member, just contact capoeira (at) capoeira.org.nz to get details, more info about what it entails on our other pages. I didn't know people were still posting here!
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