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  Topic: Starting age for kids
  2008-09-28 17:59:53
what would be a good age for a child to start. My wee girl is crazy about dance and I think she would love Capoeira.
I note there are kids classes in wellington. What age range are the participants in the kids classes normally?
  2008-09-30 11:13:39
Oi l�!

I'm not the most qualified to answer your questions seeing as I'm a novice myself, but I'll give my opinion.

Capoeira certainly has dancing *aspects* (timing, music, balance, acrobatics, etc.), but I think it's important to remember that it is first and foremost a *martial art*. That is, if your daughter is interested in purely dance it may not be right for her. She would have to enjoy the fighting aspect just as much as the dance aspect to really experience capoeira.

If you think she's the type to enjoy capoeira for all of it's aspects, then I don't think there's a real age limit to start her at. Starting young is always much more efficient when learning, well, anything... It takes awhile before you start getting anywhere, so patience is paramount, but once it clicks you seem to begin progressing quickly.

I'm not from Wellington so I can't answer your last question.

But yeah, start her up early and by the time she's my age (18) she'll be a force to be reckoned with!

Boa tarde!
  not a fighter
  2008-09-30 12:32:39
"... it's important to remember that it is first and foremost a *martial art* ..."

I disagree with Galen on this one. I have been practicing Capoeira for many years now and I believe that it is first and foremost NOT a *martial art*. Pastinha famously said that Capoeira is all that what the mouth eats.

Setting ideological issues aside, I think Capoeira is fine for all ages and skills. And different aspects of the art will appeal to different people. That's why it is important to be exposed to all of its sides.
  2008-09-30 14:12:17
I didn't mean that it is *purely* a combative experience, just that it's roots are martial, and the game involves a great deal of that inherently. As far as I know that is, as you're obviously more experienced than me. Wish people here would use their actual names so I would know if I know you!

Pastinhas quote means (to me) that capoeira grows depending on what you focus on and actively put into it. His daughter should be prepared to focus on other major aspects rather than just one (dance) or she'll miss out on the full experience.

It also sort of bothers me that people look at capoeira and all they think is that it's a dance when it's so much more.
  not a fighter
  2008-09-30 16:44:55

I appreciate your position. But I do not see how the roots of the game are relevant her. For, even if it was true that they are martia, this would be just like saying that chess is first and foremost about waging war. And that is not true.

Sure, you can stick to the root of Capoeira and imagine that you are fighting against opression every time you are playing a game of Capoeira, but this is not the case for everyone.
For example, I play Capoeira because I feel that it gives me freedom to express myself (just like writing in this forum). Others would play it for other reasons.

So when I encourage people to play Capoeira I encourage them because (in my view) it is a great medium for expression not because it is sort of a dance or a fight or whatever. It is up to them to make that value judgement and it does not really matter to me.

This is why, unlike you, it does not bother me if people call Capoeira a fight or a dance. It just tells me that they enjoy that aspect of it so much more; and that's cool. Capoeira is for everyone. And to me, it is more than the sum of its parts.

Going back to the original questioner, I would encourage his daughter to experience it all, make up her own mind on what it really is about and whether she finds it fun (who knows? she might end up playing Capoeira even if it is not a dance)

PS: people don't use their actual names when they are in the Roda ;) Axe'
  2008-09-30 17:04:23
Fair enough, I'm not out to change anyone's mind. I certainly see where you're coming from, and it looks like, in the end, we agree on the point anyway: that his daughter should be open to experiencing all that capoeira has to offer.

Hah, true enough about the roda, but how about at least an apelido, ay? I haven't gotten mine yet, but I doubt you have an excuse! :P
  2008-10-01 00:58:21
I don't believe you can divorce from it's roots, it is one of it many faces and sides.

It seems that there are three prevailing themes that are interlinked, what capoeira is, what people like about and what they think about other peoples interpretation.

There are ground rules to capoeira, no doubt about it.

Although I think not a highter is being a bit too fuffy here. Capoeira is for everyone, but not everyone is for capoeira...Capoeira sometimes has teeth that bite...you decide because in capoeira the only thing you are responsible really is yourself...

Plenty of people use their actual names in the roda, Toni Vargas, Moraes etc...

Also Pastinha is not the only Master of capoeira, he formalised things gave it creditability and established an academy. That is is his great contribution along with other things...Alot of the others around his time were crooks...
  2008-10-02 01:04:34
Not a fighter/Galen

Oh yeah, she's a kid man, as long as its somehting constructive, that's great...kids love it and there no point being homogenous about all the games would play, played or will play...each one has their own game and a good capoeirstas will draw this out of the other person and build it....thanks for reminding me :)

This sounds like crap but kids can really teach you things...
  2008-10-02 10:24:37
Well, we definitely drifted away from this guys simple questions, but it's nice to actually have some conversation on here!

I'll have to become a member soon so I can get in on the actual, registered, boards.
  ra maluko
  2008-10-02 20:40:45
hey mickey, capoeira is a great alternative sport/art/dance for kids. so i definately incourage kids to get in2 it.the youngest student i've ever had was only 4.
  2008-10-11 10:59:32
Hi All. I'm not too worried if it is a dance or a martial art. It looks wonderful and seems to dynamically promote fitness, balance, core strength and culture.

I'll rock along to the wellington kids class soon.
  2008-10-11 20:05:06
hmmm, I think we should just keep it simple and fun for kids. leave the philosphy for the mestres!
  ra maluko
  2008-10-12 03:03:29
good call putumuju i totally agree. and mickey please do take your daughter. your right capoeira can provide fitness, balance, and core strength. i'm sure that some capoeira training could help her with dancing. take care i hope she likes it.
  not a fighter
  2008-10-12 11:59:36
There is no monopoly on knowledge (or philosophy for that matter), putumuju.
  ra maluko
  2008-10-12 23:19:56
theres always one
  2008-10-12 23:42:59
Yeah, looking back on it, I took this too seriously. She's just a kid. The martial aspects can come later.

Eh, I have a lot to learn, what else is new.
  2008-10-13 06:39:51
good call not a fighter, its a friendly roda right? I guess those who have been to Brasil it all in a different light, part of the ride maybe?
  2008-11-30 16:58:05
Ive been to brasil so whats your point?

they are kids,let them act like it!
  2008-11-30 19:22:47
Ha ha have you tried to teach philosophy to a kid? They couldnt give a care about that. Mate I jussssst have the attention span nessasary to read up on it, without wanting to have a jam. My lil girl just knows that capo is hell fun and she gets to play like a monkey with her dad.

Anyway if I tried to explain Capoeira theory to my little girl she'd get hell bored, she just loves to play. I agree with Putumuju. I havnt been to Brasil but I travel regularly to Taihape
  ra maluko
  2008-12-02 20:13:34
lol GO KIDS!!!
  2009-01-30 18:37:26
hey matt, you going to camp?
  2009-02-03 16:00:04
Nah bro, you going?
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