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  Topic: Capoeira Mandinga Aotearoa on Breakfast TV 1
  Jay Tewake, Torotoro
  2008-10-15 11:14:55
Capoeira Mandinga Aotearoa appear on Breakfast TV on October 3rd 2008 for a promotional video for The Body Festival.
  Jay Tewake, Torotoro
  2008-10-15 11:15:57
Here is the youtube link to see the interview.


Please Check Ot
  2008-10-15 14:14:22
Hah, yeah I caught that when it was on. Was nice to see, mainly 'cuz I'll be moving down there for Uni next year. Nice to see some of the faces I'll be getting to know.

Rather insulting of that guy to call the capoeirista in the black abada with red/green stripes "not too flexible". I'd like to see *him* in the roda! :P

Most people can't seem to grasp the idea that an art can be of many different aspects, and they insist on black and whitening it with labels. Bothered me at first, but I rather prefer capoeira doesn't become mainstream anyway. People can believe what they want, I'll be enjoying myself either way!
  ra maluko
  2008-10-15 16:29:34
lol that was pretty cool
  2008-10-15 18:42:19
Capoeira is already mainstream.
You sound lazy
  2008-10-16 10:03:07
At first I got pissed off whenever someone labeled capoeira, but people told me to chill.

Now I am just out to have fun and don't mind, and now I'm lazy.

  2008-10-16 15:31:07
yes you are
  2008-10-16 15:31:33
train harder
  2008-10-16 17:36:50
I lol'd.
  ra maluko
  2008-10-16 19:10:28
dont worry about wot "me" says galen your not lazy they're probably just player hating because you speak your mind. and your views on wot capoeira is are slightly different to theirs. lol try not to take it personal. just keep playing and training
  2008-10-16 19:40:10
I think it must be someone I know. Maybe Josh? They sound like they're taking the piss, anyway. =P

Don't worry bro I'm not one to get hot headed quickly.
  ra maluko
  2008-10-16 23:45:28
  2008-10-17 01:12:50
well put ra maluko...
  2008-10-22 13:39:45
go scratch yourself itchy
  2008-10-22 14:08:29
'Me' is my favourite poster.
  ra maluko
  2008-10-22 16:47:00
  2008-10-23 13:40:41
Awesome clip dudes
  2009-01-01 19:07:18
Great seeing TV1 news to capoeira songs
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