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  Topic: Pilgrimage
  2008-10-24 00:42:11
Oi Gente, just wanted to add something, maybe kick off a discussion (hopefully not a battle), and give 2bits essentially on the Pilgrimage to Brasil. If you want to really understand what it is you are doing, a good start is to respectfully go where this gift was created at least once and for a decent amount of time (whatever that is).

I spoke with several Mestres of angola, CMs, and Profesors there, trained daily, visited quilombo, went and participated in Candomble ceremonies, as well as in other forms of brasilian and african culture. Im still outside looking in, but i know that capoeira is beyond real definition, and is above that sort of labelling anyway. Its different things to different people, but it demands and rightfully deserves respect. What better way to respect than to genuinely attempt to learn and better understand from the source(s), perhaps give back where u can and share the knowledge you encountered?

I learned that i still have lots to learn, which is really exciting. Capoeira reminds you of what matters in life, so listen up. Communicate and share with people, but be wary of malice and ignorance. Give as well as take, but give more. Be patient. Be loving. Be respectful. Be balanced.

Capoeira everywhere is great but its not the same thing as in the streets, the small back rooms and sweaty academies, the favelas and quilombos throughout Brasil. In truth, capoeira in Brasil today is not the same as it was for Zumbi das Palmares, Besouro Preto, Daniel Coutinho, etc, but whether its evolved or devolved is another interesting thread to consider. We can all masticate on historical points, definitions, techniques, but DOING will always trump SPEAKING.

"agora acabei de crei, colega velho, berimbau e o maior, camaradinha." M.Pastinha

  2008-10-28 22:36:57
Wow insightful....thanks man.
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