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  Topic: classes in nelson
  2008-11-04 16:45:42
Hi. I am interested in getting my girlfriend into a martial art and thought she might be into sometihing more like this. Is there anyone in Nelson who teaches? I would like to come and have a look. Cheers
  2008-11-06 11:33:33
Something more like this?
  2008-11-06 12:17:50
As far as I know, there are no regular classes in Nelson at the moment.
However, Contra Mestre Eurico from group Cordao de Ouro in Christchurch will be running capoeira workshops for begineers in Nelson between the 14th and 19th of November (the week after next)
For more information: eurico.vpc (at) gmail.com
  2008-11-07 12:13:19
Thanks for your input guys. i was looking for something more regular. it's a shame that no-one teaches regularly in nelson i'm sure there would be a lot of interested people in nelson. thaks again.
  2008-11-07 12:28:37
For more Nelson capoeira, checkout http://capoeiranelson.freewebsites.com/
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