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  Topic: Classes in Taranaki?
  2008-11-29 00:54:17
Hey, is there any1 interested in teaching in New Plymouth?
I know there used 2 be a club but thats stopped now?
Or even just not even teaching but meeting up 2 show a few basic moves and stuff
  2009-02-22 03:05:11

Did you find any information about this?? I am also looking for some Capoeira in Taranaki.

Can you please email me if you did? [email protected]
  2009-02-23 17:31:46
Hey you guys and anyone else in Taranaki that's interested in capoeira, send me an email at oi(dot)rastinha (at)gmail (dot)com and I'll keep you posted on the possibility for some classes/meet up and train a bit sessions in the near future. Chur!
  2009-06-10 22:41:33
I am not a spam bot..... I am however testing if this works for our web site administrator :-)
  2009-06-13 19:43:02
Cheers Mandingueiro, I'm not sure why new posts aren't showing up, weird :S
  2009-06-21 08:01:53
Come train in Taranaki!
  2009-06-22 22:15:35
*is on his way......Just getting over an injury ....but we (wanganuians) will catch up before the year is out...*
  2009-06-24 07:43:59
oh sweet dude. How's your berimbau practicing? You learnt any new rhythms to jam on that gunga?
  2009-07-27 10:45:46
hello, is any body out there?
Reply if you get this message. What ya'll upto these days?
  2009-08-03 01:27:55
Test test.
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