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  Topic: Why do you practise capoeira?
  2008-12-21 00:18:00
So, Why?
  2008-12-21 00:54:39
and have your reasons changed since you started?
  2008-12-21 02:11:16
Sorry. My questions above were brief.
While classes have stopped for the year, it's time to discuss stuff.
I wanna know why people in Aotearoa practice such an art.
What and who particularly inspires you to do so.
What direction do you plan to take with capoeira?
And have your reasons changed since you started?

Please leave a message up here, even if it is brief. and let's see if we can get something going here.
  ra maluko
  2008-12-30 08:32:15
i practise capoeira cause i like it
  2008-12-30 19:59:01
That was pretty deep.
  ra maluko
  2008-12-30 20:09:11
i know lol
  2009-01-03 03:51:06
oh that's right. I forgot the deep capoeira discussions are going down on the members forum. Sweet.
  ra maluko
  2009-01-06 22:19:30
dont have a cry mandingueiro
  2009-01-10 22:32:18
Dude why don't you open it up for us and tell us your reasons for the all the stuff, deep!?
  ra maluko
  2009-01-11 08:16:56
why dont you tell us who you really are instead of using the name Itchy and give us your reasons for all the stuff deep!?
  2009-01-13 04:55:48
Sorry man, it wasn't mean't for you alhtough go ahead if you want, what's up mandingueiro?
  ra maluko
  2009-01-13 17:16:02
lol well i'm still talking to you. tell us what your real name is?
  2009-01-14 04:05:42
man, i don't know anymore...how about you?
  ra maluko
  2009-01-14 09:18:54
lol what do you mean you dont know any more? are you saying you dont know your own name? lol
  2009-01-15 12:40:41
guess so, do you have real name or are you maluko for real?
  ra maluko
  2009-01-16 08:44:13
is your real name itchy?..... are you really itchy? maybe you should see a doctor about that lmao
  2009-01-17 12:04:30
I have, but bad medicine is all i need!
  2009-01-18 03:29:04
ra, have seen the wrestler, its brilliant, i couldn't believe it
  2009-01-18 22:32:49
hola mandingueiro! good question....whats your answer? I love capoeira for the boyz! NOT! i guess its a good one for that newsletter! all round the world people play it, talk it and move with it in there hearts. I meet a fellow capoeira-star and its choice! esp if there into angola! yay! I love the combo of song music and movement, the way of movement and the hidden dementions of truth in the everything of capoeira and the sometimes forever never ending tricks. hey how bout d mestre?
arohanui bx
  2009-01-19 03:39:43

Wow good work Narz! Yeah, i like playing a relaxed game with a a bit of edge, i like the people it attracts, i also like how it is growing in nz, no stress! unless you are organising events then that maybe different...?

Anyways, my reasons haven't changed, but the relationships within it have, I've made a good deal of friends in it in all sorts of ways.

not too sure on the direction exactly, maybe teach one day but there plenty of good teachers around too, I'd like to keep playing and enjoying probably and good roda inspires me to do so...
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