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  Topic: Angola or Regional?
  2009-01-18 15:39:49
I have just arrived in auckland and I would like to know if Capoeira Mandinga Aotearoa is angola or regional?
I used to practise angola in Brasil so I think it can be a good idea to joint you.
  2009-01-18 17:01:14
Hey Marta,

While our group comes from a Cordao de Ouro lineage, that is a contemporanea background, the capoeira we train and play is capoeira angola. It would be a great idea for you to join us! Come along to a class sometime :)
  2009-01-20 01:48:27
Sorry not so sure. How do you train angola when you have a contemporary background? how do you know what is being taught is angola? Curious?
  2009-01-20 05:31:57
The cordao de ouro -> capoeira mandinga lineage is of a contemporary nature, but our group here has been heavily influenced by Angola Mestres such as M. Jogo de Dentro, M. Joao Grande, M. Roxinho and others. I think even if you come from a contemporary background you should be able to tell whether what you're doing is angola or not... Our gunga plays angola, we follow.
  Chupa Teta
  2009-01-23 00:55:05
Here's quote from official Mandinga Academy website:

"Are we Angola or Regional ?", a student once asked.
"The other kind," said Marcelo, "We just play Capoeira."

  sum1 else
  2009-01-23 05:16:06
Exactly; "the other kind" = contemporanea.

Us, we play to the angola rhythm.

  2009-01-23 05:22:21
As far as I hear, Mandinga is becoming absurdly specific with angola. It's depressing. Capoeira should be played, not argued over its style. I mean, it's not the time of Bimba and Pastinha, aren't we past this?

Marcelo sounds like the guy to know.
  2009-01-23 05:23:58
Mandinga Aotearoa that is.
  2009-01-23 08:03:36
i though to be student of something you must learn from someone versed in it's intrices??? or has that changed these days? do you have regular contact with the those masters and anyone more signifcant than any other? Sounds like things are in transition...curious?

Amendion, maybe you are over this, but others might not to be in such a rush, maybe it's nothing to get over, maybe it is something to work through??? Hope you are not too depressed...
  2009-01-23 16:46:12
Amendoim, you're right about capoeira being played and not argued over. But notice how this discussion consists of people from outside our group trying to come and tell us what style we do/should play? We're not arguing about anything.

The style of Capoeira our group has come to identify with, train and develop is Capoeira Angola, it's that simple. And we're fortunate to have many Angola Mestres' input each year and the knowledge of our own Mestre to learn the intricacies of the art from. What other people choose to play and identify with is up to them.
  2009-01-23 19:03:44
CMA, that's true, and I apologise. I don't mean to insult, this is just what I've heard. Given that this forum sees next to no activity, I jump at opportunities to chat in topics.

It's fine to identify with a style, but outright cutting out everything else (and those that play them)... I'm just saying, there aren't many capoeiristas around, y'know? Why bring politics into it?

Finding a group that plays all styles and accepts all of them as aspects of capoeira... that'd be my heaven.
  2009-01-23 21:14:40
Finding a style and a philosophy that works for you is the main point I believe. Beyond Angola vs. Regional, not every angola style will satisfy a given angoleiro/a, not every style of regional/contemporanea will satisfy every regionalista.

We're not absurdly specific with angola, it's a natural evolution that has occurred because of the types of people that come and go in our group, and the nature of that which inspires those who stay. Nor do we cut anyone out; we welcome anyone with open (but prepared!) arms, but are not afraid to point them towards capoeira which may potentially satisfy them more. We have open rodas, and anyone is welcome regardless of background. We have our protocols which we like to be respected at our rodas, the same as we respect the protocols at other groups rodas.
  2009-01-23 21:15:20
Oh, and as far as Mestre Marcelo goes, I think it's fair to say that his capoeira is still where our capoeira has come from, he's a fantastic Mestre, fantastic teacher and has many amazing things to say. We all respect that, we all recognise our roots, and are still completely open and receptive to his capoeira. He's coming to our easter event, and there we'll again be fortunate enough to learn from him, along side Mestre Jogo de Dentro, one of the main Angola mentors we have. That's totally exciting for everyone!
  ra maluko
  2009-01-24 09:54:20
thankyou rastinha. you have just answered alot of questions that have been waying on my mind. much appreciated
  2009-01-24 16:42:50
Yeah, excellent answers. I think I'll be checking out Mandinga once I move down to Christchurch... =)
  2009-01-24 22:28:04
Haha... No worries. Didn't mean to kill the discussion though, feel free to keep talking/debating or bring up any other issues :P
  Mestre Caverinha
  2009-02-22 23:34:32
The discussion over capoeira styles must not be a relevant thing when you are able to listen to your heart. If you hear a berimbau playing (no matter what rhythm) does it move your soul? That will give you the only answer you need to know.

For sure there would be some �regional, angola or contempor�nea� shcools that would make ANYONE feel welcome and enjoy their training their style and their camaraderie. The same would happen on the other way around as in any of these styles are schools that would turn some people off. For that everything is just a matter of adaptation, acceptance and non-judgment.

Comparisons are definitely not a good constructive approach that would in any way help capoeira in general. �Having� to define your own style is necessary only for the ones that have some level of fear of acceptance otherwise your style will be determined by your soul and for that you don�t �have� to convince, to prove or to define anything to anyone and neither to duel about it. That will also put you in a position of being accepted and integrated in all styles.

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Mestre Marcelo

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