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  Topic: Comedy Festival
  2006-05-15 14:20:54
Hey is anyone in Orcland interested in catching some comedy?

Think of them as workshops for your wit!

The next time Brabo cuts you to shreds for not sleeping for 42 (approx) hours, you can have a razor sharp repartee ready!

Imagine the carnage :0)

Anyway your keen, im keen, text or call or email me.

021 2950701
[email protected]
  2006-05-15 15:35:51
Yeah, I'm keen providing I can fit stuff into my schedule :P Gotta talk to my flatmate cos we were planning on going to some stuff, but yeah. I'll get back to you on that one. So I can get back at Brabo :)

  2006-05-17 13:06:10
I look forward to the Hash Tina harsh tasers.
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