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  Topic: Capoeira Angola so tem 9 golpes
  2006-06-07 23:41:36
This came up when I was talking to Amanhecer at the hui, thought others may also be interested.

According to Mestre Joao Pequeno in his short book "Uma Vida De Capoeira", there are only 9 golpes in Capoeira Angola:
-Meia Lua
-Rabo de Arraia
-Corta Capim

This probably seems like a very short list, although it's worth mentioning that in the book, Mestre does say that the list could be multiplied by two or three because some of the movements have several versions; eg "Meia Lua, de frente e de costa", "Au - que voce pode dar de varios tipos (Au - that you can do of various types). Still, it's a very short list when compared with a Mestre Pastinha quote from a book that Bichu Grilo has, something along the lines of "it is not possible to count the number of attacks that Capoeira Angola has". Julian, can you dig out the book and post the quote?

Thoughts anyone?
  2006-06-14 13:48:00
Ok so no-body is replying so I may as well make this page look some-what interesting by adding something to what Zigue Zague said.

9 attacks doesn't seem like much of a vocabulary,But it's probably right. What about the attack when you poke your opponent in the eyes, is that a Golpe? (Nah it's just a dirty trick)

I remember one of the Martial arts books I read mentioning that capoeira has less than 50 kinds of movements. This is probably in reference to including the style of Regional as well. However I also remember reading a capoeira book explaining that the number of movements and possibilities in capoeira is infinite, From one movement you have 3 other options and from each of those options you have a further 6.
I think it went something like that but I can't say I know exactly what it said because I don't have the book with me to quote it from.
Anyways, I only posted this so that people will hopefully read it and this page of the web-site will look alive.

Have fun folks.
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