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  Topic: Hui06
  2006-06-16 18:59:05
yeah, by the way, Hui06 has been and gone, and we've (only just) survived...
In case you're wondering, those of us who went, we are now all master warriors with deft and unbeatable taiaha footwork and battle formation skills. Big thanks to Charlotte and Ati for deluxe vege food styles. Thanks to Kelv and Ricardo for the Arrembepe slide show. Thanks to Brabo for work in and out of the workshop. Thanks to the marae for looking after us again.
We also got some important discussions done, and we've elected Animal Most Valuable Player of the year, Munguzaa as our Overseas Coordinator, and Loba as camp cleaner for all future camps, and everyone who turned up have all gone up a cordao level.
There'll be a full sum up of what really got decided going out to members in a certain space of time that could be short or long.

the ashay was pretty strong judging by the number of vergas broken mid-roda. Feiteceiro managed to take us down without even playing in the roda. Great to see those who made it, new faces especially!
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