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  Topic: Hi
  2006-02-10 00:52:54
Hi there,
I�m a norwegian capoeirista from the Grupo Uni�o na Capoeira in Oslo. I�m coming to Auckland next week and I�m going to stay for 5 months. I intend to train as much as possible, as usual, so I hope I can come and visit u guys!

  Rabo Dobrado
  2006-02-10 10:11:15
Hey Kirsti,

Awesome! The more the merrier, of course. Hope to see you too! Is Grupo Uniao na Capoeira more Angola or Regional? Anyway, hope to see you in future :)

~Rabo Dobrado~
  2006-02-10 23:49:10

Good question...well, like many other groups we do neither angola nor regional. Grupo Uni�o was founded in Brasilia by mestre Umoi and exists now in Portugal and Norway, as well as in London. I think the style differs a bit from location to location and from mestre to mestre, but I guess its safe to say that we are more regional than angola.

What about you, are you more Angola or Regional? Looking forward to meet you!

Kirsti :-)
  2006-02-13 14:03:20
Like you we incorporate a bit of everything, but the head our school (and I speak for him as if he wasn't in the room) definitely has a self-confessed love for the finesse of the original game. And if you've heard the line from Pulp Fiction, "my girlfriend is a vegetarian, which pretty much makes me a vegetarian too" then you'll understand where I'm heading with this...
This plus the news that Mestre Joao Grande is on his way to NZ (Easter 14th to 17th, 2006) we are most definitely training in an Angola style-e.
In fact if you're in NZ, you shouldn't miss this opportunity to train with one of the "greatest capoeira masters alive"
And don't forget to come to Welly (Wellington) and play with us.
  2006-02-13 15:03:34
does that make you vegan then, Ursinho...?
  2006-02-14 15:15:23
"pretty much"
  2006-02-14 23:24:27
Im not that good at angola but think its cool to do it. My angoleiro friend is already envious of my chance of meeting M.Joao Grande!Hope I can come to the workshop. Thanks for ur feedback!

  2006-02-15 10:04:47
Is this another style of Capoeira? Vegional or Veganola.
It's sure to be a blood thirsty style of Capoeira.
  2006-03-08 13:45:41
well i thought id go with the "Hi" theme... so here goes....
lol.... for those who dont know me( but soon will) im Jason Paniani and i live in wanganui, i just wanted to say that i think this forum is a good way to coalate any and all infomation about capoeira in NZ... keep the messages comming

  2006-03-08 15:05:33
"Not that good at angola"??? Don't believe the propaganda, this is pure malicia. Kick arse she does, except maybe for getting tired after a couple of minutes, but we'll have that sorted soon if Brabo keeps the trainings tough :)
  2006-03-19 06:20:04
I'm up for joining vegional- but there is just one thing-
Can we find some soybean type derivative to replace the leather bit on the top of the berimbau?
And I don't want to see anymore of those hideous goatskin atabaques- oh drat I have to go, my mung beans are sprouting...pax
  2006-03-26 14:27:38
Well, thanks for the compliment Enigma. Dont know if I agree though. Except that my stamina sucks; that is unfortunately very true. Anyway, great fun playing with u guys, looking forward to easter encounter!

  2006-04-05 21:44:48
just as long as no one forgets about the style of flourista as prractised by those people with nothing to prove to anyone
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