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  Topic: Capoeira & the Internet - The Cybertutor
  2006-07-25 11:30:02
I am posting this both as an open discussion but also as a caution to people new to Capoeira or wishing to start.
These days the internet is the most utilised source of information on any topic you can think of. While it is true there is a lot of good information that can be found on the net there is equally a boundless amount of bad or misleading info. So it comes down to the ability of the viewer to filter the good from the bad. This can be better achieved if you already have some prior knowlege of Capoeira and the best source of that knowlege is without a doubt live and direct in a real life class. I am not however disputing the fact that it is possible to enhance your knowlege of Capoeira by using the Internet.
Another and perhaps more important trap the internet can creat is the misconception that it is possible (having found a good source of Capoeira knowlege - ie. some cool sites with some wicked moves) that it is possible to learn all the complexities of Capoeira from the Internet.
I have just one question for that method of training: If you are only learning Capoeira from the internet do you only intend to play/fight Capoeira on the Internet?
If the answer is YES; then Tekken is the place for you.
If the answer is NO; then come to a real life Capoeira class and take part in a far more rewarding process of learning.
  2006-07-28 22:12:04
Hey... what about Capoeira Fighter 3? www.shockwave.com

Seriously though, it's so much more rewarding to do capoeira with a group... I don't really see how you can learn all the aspects of the art without one. You need a group to learn the music, to interact with others, the intracies of the moves and for camradiere... if you are just looking at the moves on the internet, you might be able to teach yourself capoeira moves, but you aren't going to be able to teach yourself capoeira.
  2006-07-29 23:32:19
capoeira yeahhh!!!!!!!!!!!
  2006-09-19 00:26:28
Yer i would love to learn as a group ...although no one in my district knows it .....i only have seen it from movies ....i cant take much more of it..i want to learn it so badly....If ya have any web sites containg where i can learn it be much helpful . Cheers~
  2006-09-19 09:27:58
Hey Calmerence
What area are you in?
One suggestion if you are real keen:
Capoeira Pasifika often has workshops for all different levels including beginners. These workshops are held in quite few palces around the country. This would be a great introduction to Capoeira if you are new to it or even for a brush-up on skills etc.
  2006-09-30 21:51:23
i want to start capoiera some where

what sort of age do ya need to be and is ther a good site i can find out where my nearest capoiera training school is
  2006-10-01 11:50:59
Try this site to locate local school:

Otherwise just Google it.
You can be any age to start Capoeira.
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  2007-09-14 05:35:33
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  2007-09-14 05:35:43
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  2007-10-31 09:59:44
  2007-12-18 12:36:19
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  2007-12-18 12:36:19
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  2007-12-18 13:36:19
http://www.wu-wien.ac.at/usr/h96b/h9650297/cap-basics.html is great for showing step by step on how to do moves. and http://www.capsprings.com/Portuguese/Introduction.aspx is great for learning Portuguese

and their is always practice mode on tekken 3 with eddie gordo :)
  2007-12-19 12:51:19
I learnt to do he armada dupla from playing tekken heaps and observing the entrada that eddy does for the move.
hell I might start up UFC fighting though and observe Craig Marduks moves.
  2007-12-19 12:52:06
pro wrestling is fun too...
  2007-12-19 12:53:38
the next time Mestre Marcello is coming to New Zealand I would like to organise a Tekken ladder match tournament with only Eddy and Christie as selectable players... hmm I dunno how we could format it but its a potential work in progress eh?
  2007-12-21 14:56:26
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