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  Topic: So who wins?
  One inch puncher
  2006-08-31 18:07:42

What you gotta do to win when you doin' ya Capoeira styles?

How you you gonna know who won?
Someone give up get smacked down or what?

  2006-08-31 18:52:47
Who wins?

Only the strong...
lol. Sorry I couldnt resist.
  Two Finger Eye Poker
  2006-08-31 21:10:44
When someone pokes you in the eye
  2006-09-01 12:52:32
OIP, another tricky one. Thats about as hard to define as is 'what is capoeira'. The jogo (game) of capoeira doesn't necessarily have a winner and a loser. The game itself is a dialog between two people, there is a lot of give and take. If one person is doin all the talking its not really a dialog therefore not much of a jogo. There are no points, no time limits, limited rules, more like customs and etiquette rather than rules so it doesn't really follow how most of us would define a game or sport. When a more experienced capoeirista is playing a less experienced one they will generally bring their game down a level to help the other learn and progress. They will also try new things and put themselves in positions they possibly wouldn't if playing someone more experienced than them to help progress their own game, testing the water as such, see what will and wont work. As the saying goes there are no winners or losers on lessons to be learnt, this is very true in capoeira. Capoeira is give and take its about being able to offer a suitable response- counter-to a persons question -attack-. In the game you know and most people watching know when you were caught out, when you had no response to give or wern't quick enough to give the response. Its at these times most players will acknowledge this with a chamada or even a grin, just to say yeah yeah you got me that time.
  2006-09-01 13:22:34
"AC"?.... That wouldn't stand for "Arranha Ceu" by any chance would it? Anyway, I think you gave a good answer.

These days it seems more and more like the "winner" is the person who has learnt the most by the end of the game. I guess that would mean you win more when you first start learning...
  2006-09-01 15:55:14
Hey Zigue Zague, sure is. Thought it was time to add my two cents worth. Been enjoying all the thoughts and comments on the different topics though. The forum has been an awesome discussion tool so far.

Arranha Ceu
  One inch puncher
  2006-09-01 17:24:45
Don't know what some of dat shit means 'chamada' and 'ginga'.
But damn that dialog thing is dope!
Some peeps just gotta be yellin all the time instead of listening I bet.
  2007-09-03 17:04:06
One inch puncher is a looser
  2007-09-04 10:38:25
The winner is the one who doesn't feel like their heart is gonna jump out of their chest afterwards :s
  2007-09-04 13:41:54
feeling like your heart is jumping out of your chest is a good sign you were really learning, you learn the most when you are pushed beyond your physical and mental boundaries and made to find new ones.
  2007-09-07 21:09:25
I win!!
  2007-09-09 01:24:06
It ain't over till Yo Mama Sings......
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