Capoeira Pasifika Aotearoa Encounter 2004


Thanks for joining us in this world class event.  Capoeira has been growing  for the last 10 years in NZ through this event we can not only benefit greatly from our experience of it but bring Capoeira to a much wider audience.


Here’s some stuff you should know


Cameras - You can take still photos of the event.  Video/film footage is another story however.  Last year the agreement was that any videos taken belonged to C.P.  and  a copy was to be sent/given to Professor Brabo.  That didn’t really work that well. There was unanimous agreement at the time but little action followed it up.    Please respect the intellectual property of the mestres’ work.


So this year:  if you take photos, especially digital ones, please please send copies of good ones to [email protected] .  If you are dead keen on doing some video, here’s how it’ll work:  There will be a limited number of ‘official’ camerapersons.  Apply to Brabo ASAP if you want to be one.  C.P. will provide you with blank tapes.  Let Brabo know what you’ll need.  When you have finished filming these tapes are returned to C.P. straightaway  (at the event, not ‘in a coupla weeks mate…’).   The idea is to put together a video that each C.P. centre can use to aid teaching/training.


Accomodation  -  bring your own bedding (ie sleeping bag) and, ideally,  a sleeping mat (there will be mattresses for about half the people, first in first served).

We will be sleeping in the Hall this year,  which during the day will be used for classes.  You will need to put your (sleeping)  gear away during the day.  There will be space for it on the hall’s stage.  Stuff left lying around during the day will be collected and put into one big bag.  So unless you want to embrace full socialist idealism and share/lose your stuff then please put it away in the morning an hour before the morning class starts. 

The hall is designated a quiet/sleep zone from 22.00 each night.  Even if you are a night owl please respect other people’s exhaustion and need for some shut eye.


Punctuality and the Schedule - Capoeiristas in these parts have never put the “P” word at the top of the list.  However, this year the event has grown even bigger than last year and to make it work we all need to keep to the timetable.  That will mean getting up on time in the hall,  arriving to classes and finishing them at given times etc.  Each and everyone of us has the power to make this event great or just soso.  So please bring your  cooperative attitude.



Observing  Cultural Sensitivity - Please be aware that we are using a marae as the center of  of our encounter.  There are certain protocols with being in such a space, such as no alcohol, no shoes, food or drinks in the meeting house,  no bums on tables,  etc.  Such behaviours are offensive to Maori on a marae.  Sure we all make mistakes, and if you see someone making a booboo then give them a friendly word to make them aware.


Eating - There will be 3 meals a day, catering for vegetarians and omnivores alike. 

Breakfast - Brazillian Hotel Style                        9.00  - 9.45

Lunch      - a light meal.                           12.00 - 13.00 (except Friday see schedule)

Dinner     - All the classics like Akareje, feijoada .  Times will vary, see schedule.


If you have specific dietary needs  please let us know (as early as possible) and we will try  to accommodate these.


Inform yourself

If you are fairly new to Capoeira then do ask lots of questions and make use of the opportunity to learn not only from the Mestres but the other participants.

For Capoeiristas of old, try to cast your mind back to when you started.  That awkward feeling of knowing neither the moves nor the people.   For us to grow as a club and organisation it is really important to make new members feel welcome and appreciated.  This is not to say that it doesn’t already happen but just to raise awareness of its importance.

Out of respect to the Mestres, , please be on time (to make things work) and wear Capoeira gear (shameless plug: it will be on sale there). 

There will be a range of different classes such as Angola, Regional, Makulele, Woman’s, Showtime Capoeira,  Beginners… 

 Which class you go to is up to you, but bear in mind that there will be a large range of experience and ability in the people present.  In large classes like these it’s not possible to get a lot of special attention if you’re struggling to keep up.


Registration : As soon as you arrive please register so we know who’s here and  to prove that you have paid you will receive a funky wristband.  Please make sure that you wear this at all times.  This is the only way we can ensure you have paid and thus protect your investment in this event.  If you should lose it then let us know asap.  If you know people who haven’t paid please let us know and we’ll talk to them nicely


Additionally - Here are some Bring Things”:

¨     Your white C.P. T- shirt and white pants for c.formal Rodas. 

¨     Some extra $$$$ for an upgrade in your p.c. C.P.  fashion selection and musical

instruments, CDs etc.  Both Brabo’s Bazaar and Mestre’s Merchandise will be available

¨     A note book and pen for writing down sequencias and similar.  Might seem geeky but you may congratulate yourself later.





This event is not a money-spinner.  On the contrary, we have tried to keep prices as low as possible, and on the off-chance that  it makes any money this will go back into Capoeira Pasifika,  making it more likely that we can do it again the next year.  Hence we all need to pitch in to make it work, doing things like cleaning, kitchen help, dishwashing etc.   You will find this is a great way of meeting (more) people too.




Last but not least:  Have a wicked encounter!!!!