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- Mestre Jogo De Dentro -DVD: Tradiçao $40

A must have for anyone seriously interested in studying the movement and style of this great Mestre of Capoeira Angola


- Mestre Jogo De Dentro's book - Jogo de Angola $40.

A Fascinating account of his life growing up in Brazil and his journey in Capoeira from training with Mestre Joao Pequeno at the Forte de Santo Antonio to the present day, where he is now considered one of the most important figures in capoeira Angola. Also contains chapters explaining his philosophy and teachings relating to Capoeira Angola as he has learned it. (Only available in Portuguese language)


Mestre Jogo De Dentro's Music - CDs, $30

- Capoeira Angola
- Dende de Angola

Note: Buying these materials is one way that we support the Mestres of Capoeira in their work. With all the copied and unpaid for music and videos around today, this is one way we can pay direct to the mestres who produce it and deserve payment for their work.





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